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How can 3€ per month help? 

There are already a few supporters for our 3€ Initiative. The sum of all donations helps us to help a few additional people every year. The more people participate, the more projects everyone has contributed to. 

Our Promise:
We follow the path of each donation. Therefore, at the end of the Year you will know exactly whom you’ve helped!

Join now!
You can join easily here or by placing a standing order with the reference “3 Euro Program” followed by your email address (we only require it in order to let you know which projects you supported at the end of the year) to the following bank account:   

Account Information:
Global Micro Initiative e.V., Hösbach
Raiffeisenbank Aschaffenburg
IBAN: DE38 7956 2514 0000 4739 01

Or use Paypal to make a one time donation:

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Click here to learn more about how we conduct our projects.

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Contact Us:
If you have any questions, please contact us here.

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