10 Additional Trainings


Growing up without any real education, a monthly family income of 80 to 250 Euros, as well as living with several relatives in simple Two-bedroom apartments – all these commonalities are shared by the 10 women, aged 22 to 56, who are participating in our apprenticeship program as industrial seamstress in the Philippines.

However, not only their current situation is similar, but also their dreams for the future: After their training, our participants want to find a job in order to be able to better care for their families and the future of their children.

The prospects for a job are good, because the training includes not only the teaching of various sewing techniques and basics in industrial textile processing and a practical phase to deepen the acquired knowledge; also, the students’ soft skills are being trained. For example, they learn how to successfully apply to local companies and convince in an interview. As this aspect becomes more and more important, the course duration is extended from 8 to 10 weeks.

There are also consulting services for apprentices who plan to open their own business after graduating. At the end of the course, participants receive an officially recognized certificate qualifying for permanent employment.

Our participants in this course are:

  • Alvarez C. Florencia (56 years), single parent, 1 child
  • Analy Batingan (39 years), married, 2 children
  • Rosebie Dayanan (50 years), married, 6 children
  • Merafe Egbalic (22 years), married, 1 child
  • Liezel Fallorin (40 years), married, 3 children
  • Generosa Moreno (40 years), single parent, 2 children
  • Maricris Quiambao (42 years), single, no child
  • Leonida Quizon (30 years), married, 3 children
  • Mary Jane Tiozon (45 years), married, 3 children and
  • Marissa DeGuzman (25 Years), married, no child

We thank our donors, who enable us to finance these trainings and wish our participants all the best in the future.