125 Micro Loans and 40 Trainings Funded!

Thanks to many generous donors, it was possible for us to award the 125 microcredit and to sponsor the 40. Training in September!

This jubilee loan of around €71 received Rati from Indonesia. For her it was already the third micro-credit from us. Rati has been operating a Warung for several months, a small kiosk where you can buy goods of daily need. After a few start-up difficulties, her business grew better. Which also helped were the tips she received during regular visits from the employees of WKP. She learned, among other things, that customers prefer to buy products when they are nicely packaged. And in fact: snacks that Rati has been packaging differently since then are now selling better!


50-year-old Sara is taking part in our sponsored sewing training in the Philippines. Together with her husband, three children and other relatives she is living in a small house in Subic. Sara’s husband is a piggery keeper. The family is currently living on 166 € per month. After finishing her training, Sara wants to realize her childhood dream and become a business women, opening her own small store to sell her own products, like clothing and bags. It is the 40th time we are able to sponsor training.


Tobias Schüßler, our director says: “Without our donors, we would not be able to open up new perspectives to people like Rati or Sara. I am all the more pleased when the participants take this opportunity and develop a better and more independent future for themselves.”