Place: Lombok, Indonesia  
Age: 39  
Business: Food Production
Loan: 140 €


Enabling poor people to lead a better and self-determined life is not only our goal, but also a passion. All the more reason for us to consider ourselves lucky and proud of the success of our organisation and our donors. Recently we have already granted our 200th microcredit and thus helped many people!

Our proud microcredit recipient is not unknown. We already introduced Salihin and her grocery store to you in July last year. Since 2018, Salihin has been producing Kripik – Indonesian fried chips made from various fruits, vegetables or fish. The 39-year-old used her microcredit at that time to buy more ingredients and new working materials and to expand her business. This gave Salihin a great opportunity for herself and her family, which has changed the life of the small family in a very positive way. It offered her the opportunity to send her children to school, to support her husband and to lead a more independent and self-confident life as a woman. Since then Salihin has been able to more than double her income, which speaks for the success of our program but also for her business. She has already paid back her first microloan in full. Meanwhile, the ambitious mother also took part in two of our voluntary training courses. In these she learned basic knowledge and helpful tips on planning, packaging and accounting, as well as useful business strategies. Salihin herself found them very helpful and is happy to have participated. She is now motivated to apply what she has learned and sees potential for expansion in her business. With a second microcredit of about 140 € (2.000.000 IDR) she plans to buy new materials and machines for the production of the Kripik. We look forward to continuing to give many people a piece of freedom and joy of life in the future and say thank you to all who are part of this wonderful program.

Translator: Ronja Dzikus