3 Years GMI


What started late November 3 years ago with 10  enthusiastic people has turned into an international organization with 71 supporting members from 6 countries. Several volunteers support our director Tobias Schüßler and his 2 fellow board members in their efforts to provide people in Southeast Asia with opportunities for a financially independent and better life together with local non-profit organizations.

“It’s very encouraging for me to see how we have grown and how many people we’ve been able to help so far,” said Schüßler. “Thanks to our donors, we were able to give out 81 microloans and finance 29 job trainings, which improved the lives of more than 381 people.” However, it is not just the financial aspect that is important to Schüßler. Studies show that women in particular are beneficiaries of microloans. “A microloan helps women to increase their contribution to household income,” Schüßler explains. “This improves their position and their voice in the family structure. Their self-esteem and self-confidence will be strengthened. This allows them a more self-determined way of life. ”

Today, we are working with 3 partner organizations in the Philippines and Indonesia. We were particularly encouraged to start working with Gema Alam, a non-profit organization on Indonesia’s island Lombok this summer. In a pilot project, we developed a microcredit program specifically tailored towards two village communities. The first microloans for a gallery selling hand-woven products as well as for a coffee house with its own coffee roasting machine have already been financed. Muhamad Juaini, project manager of Gema Alam, is thrilled about this new cooperation: “Through our cooperation with GMI, their advice and support, we hope to improve the situation in the villages in the long run and sustainably. That way the inhabitants can improve their quality of life. ”

Of course we have big plans for the upcoming year: We would like to finance 20 training courses, an additional 100 micro loans and, as far as possible, forward 100 % of your donations to our projects in the next year. We therefore hope for additional support members and donations.