Irene, Grace & April


Four more students have completed their course in the Philippines. Here you can find out who they are. 

Irene, 52, has four childen. Even though the family is already quite large from a European perspective, they share their two rooms with other relatives in order to save money. After the training she will try to find a job.

Grace is 43 years old. Together with her husband and her two kids, she lives in Olongapo, 20 minutes away from Project Life. “My children always need new clothes, now I can save so much money and make their pants and school uniforms by myself. It is really great that I learn all this here,” explains Grace. “And maybe I can find a work in a small tailoring factory nearby. My husband already works in the Freeport Zone, so I would like to be closer to my kids.”


April Santos, 27, lives only two streets away from Project Life. Her partner works in a hotel and she had wanted to learn how to make clothes for some time now. Also, she would like to find out whether her new skills will be helpful in finding employment.