In the Philippines, a total lockdown has stopped all our activities and most participant’s businesses had to close. Not Shiela’s, though. Sheila received a micro loan from us last year and started selling rice and eggs.

During the current lockdown, she was allowed to continue her business – and helps her community through selling rice and eggs to her neigborhood at very affordable prices. „At the moment most of the Kiosk and nearby groceries are closed due to Covid-19 but it encourages me to do my part by still operating my store even in the mids of the outbreak“.

As of now, she still has rice and some additional food to sell and offer it to her place. She understands that we are in a very hard season of life that’s why Sheila has decided to help those that cannot afford to buy food anymore: she is repacking large sacks of rice to 2kg each bag and offer it for free to the needy.