About Us

Our vision

We want to help people in Southeast Asia out of poverty by giving them access to microcredit, counseling and training. This is done in close cooperation with our local partners.


In 2012, Tobias Schüßler was confronted with the consequences of extreme poverty for the first time on the garbage mountains of Manila. The catastrophic living conditions of the people there touched him deeply and he looked for ways to help them out of their situation in the long term. Shortly thereafter, he came across the concept of microcredit, which very soon convinced him.
He spent the following year developing his own microcredit program.

Then, in September 2014, this was launched with Project Life Subic in the Philippines. The Global Micro Initiative was born. Since November 2014 we are a registered association based in Hösbach. Today, we run our programs in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Our Team

Our Approach