Place: Subic, Philippines  
Age: 38  
Costs: 90€


Update November 2016

Aireen received a micro loan in order to start her own tailor shop.


About Aireen

Until recently, Aireen was predominantly a housewife as well as a mother of three. To increase the income of her family, she sold products for the make-up brand “Avon”. Since her husband works abroad, she had to stay with the family. Now that he has returned, she can participate in the apprenticeship.

Aireen’s goal is to open a store after her graduation, where she plans on selling curtains and cushion covers in the neighbourhood.

At the graduation ceremony, she says: “I’m truly blessed to be part of this training program. I have learned a lot especially with regard to sewing. I never thought I would be able to make dresses or even a bag made of sacks. Special thanks to our trainers – without them, we would not be successful in this field. I’ll certainly miss everyone.”