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Place: Pringgasela, East-Lombok, Indonesia   Age: 50   Business: Bakulan (Selling door to door)   Loan: 58 €   Inaq Anto lives together with her family in a small village located in Pringgasela which is located in the east of Lombok. Inaq has four children and is currently married for the second time. Two of her […]

Visit to Nurjani (1)

Update from Indonesia

Our aim to open a bank account for all of our microloan participants is progressing during September. The representatives of our partner organization “Gema Alam” regularly visit our microloan participants. During these visits our participants aquire knowledge for the use and “risks” of owning a bank account. To our regret – some of our microloan […]


Your donation will be increased by half!

“Using digital payment options to fight poverty” is the motto of our new donation campaign. Our goal: We would like to give more than 100 small entrepreneurs from Southeast Asia the chance for a better and self-determined future through access to digital payment and sales opportunities. Help to open up new paths to a better […]

Sri Hartini, Nely Sopiana,Siti Hidayati and Ecik (1)

Update: a bank account for all participants

Our new major project “One bank account for all” has been launched. We are happy to announce that the first three microcredit borrowers from Indonesia are now the proud owners of a bank account. Our digital ambassador, Rizal, reports on the procedure and the challenges it has created: “We encountered some difficulties in opening the […]

Romagyn V. Manning 1


Place: Baloy Beach, Olongapo City, Philippines Age: 37   Business: Sari Sari Shop / Canteen   Loan: 87 EUR/ 5,000 PHP    The sun is shining and even in the shades of the palm trees it‘s 30 degrees. There isn’t a soul in sight. All you hear is the sound of the waves. Under your […]

Maria Romina D. Baloy 2

Maria Romina

Place: Zambales, Philippines    Age: 22   Business: Secondhand Shop     Loan: 87 EUR/ 5,000 PHP   Large amounts of water are required in the production of new garments. Another part of the water resources is heavily polluted by textile production. In addition, according to WWF, the clothing and textile industry contributes significantly to global greenhouse […]


Day of coffee

“25 years ago, my father brought the first coffee seeds, Robusta Kantim, to our village of Beririjarak. He had participated in government training courses for coffee and cocoa farmers and had started growing Robusta. Five years later, the cultivation of Arabica was added.” Sopian, one of our small entrepreneurs from Lombok, Indonesia, proudly tells the […]


Our volunteer author: Anja

Our author Anja schould already be known to our dililgent readers. Anja has been writing program participants’ success stories and other stories for our website for nearly four years, making her the longest time volunteering at GMI. During this time, she has been able to make valuable contributions and gather a variety of impressions that […]

Briefe Spendenverwendung

Interview Silvia

“Volunteering is an integral part of my life.” Silvia – Co-Founder and Member of the Board There are few GMI members, donors or GMI volunteers who have not received emails or letters from Silvia. As a board member, she is responsible for bookkeeping, public relations and correspondence with donors and members. She also organizes training […]


Interview Marion

“We love what we do and we take our commitment very personally” Marion – Co-Founder and Member of the Board September 2014: The young student and Tobias got to know each other during their joint study time in Heilbronn in the course “International Business Administration – Intercultural Studies”. While learning together Tobias told her about […]

Philippines: Trainings paused until the end of the year

Unfortunately, the situation in the region around Olongapo in the Philippines, which was heavily affected by Corona, has hardly improved in recent months. For this reason, the authorities have ordered that training courses can only take place digitally until at least the end of the year. Since a digital format is unfortunately not practicable for […]

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Interview with Tobias

People who have to live in and from garbage – At the age of 18, after graduating from high school, Tobias spent two years with an aid organization in Southeast Asia. In the slums of Manila and Olongapo, he had his first contact with extreme poverty: people who fought over the garbage of fast-food restaurants […]

Sri Hartini and Rizal

Indonesia: a bank account for all participants

Global Micro Initiative´s microloans in South East Asia were paid out by cash. This method of granting a loan isn’t only complex but also impossible due to the lockdowns of the ongoing pandemic. Tobias is the founder of GMI and tried to find a way for supporting small businesses during the ongoing pandemic. It is […]

D’arr’s MOA 2


Place: Olongapo City, Philippines   Age: 28   Business: Sari-Sari Store   Loan: 90 €   A Sari-Sari store is not a unique store with an alienated name. It is the common shop at the corner in the Philippines. Sari-Sari stores are an important organ in local communities throughout the Philippines. Various crisp packages, several […]


Philippines: Mobile repayment

A big part of South East Asia’s population already lived in poverty prior the ongoing pandemic. The lockdowns worsened the situation… But some of our microloan participants could sustain their small businesses and adjusted their offers to the unnatural situation. Most of our microloans, if not all, were paid out and redeemed in cash in […]


Nong Update

In 2018 we financed a training course for Nong, who is from a small village in the north of Thailand. Now, 2 years later and shortly before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, she returned to her home village. Our partner, the Tamar Center, gave her a sewing machine and material to take with her. […]


New: Videos

Would you like to watch videos about our project participants? Then check out our new video page! Here we present individual project participants and show you what we do in Indonesia and the Philippines besides microcredits.  Watch now  

Lorena’s 2

Update: Lorena’s Piggery

Lorena was given a loan last October 4, 2019; her plan was to start a piggery business with only one gilt (female pig). She used the money that she received from us through breeding it and providing feeds. After 6 months of taking care of her pig she was able to produce 8 healthy piglets.  […]


A new Beginning

Update July 2020 We say Thank You! For our partner organization in Thailand, the last months were also very tense. Due to the economic difficulties Pattaya is currently going through, the Tamar Center experienced a strong increase in demand for their services. We are all the more pleased that thanks to your great support, we […]

Lorena Dedicatoria MOA 3

Covid: Impact on our loanees

In March 2020 the new coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared as a pandemic and spread across the globe. Many of our programs´ participants are from Indonesia – which already has taken its toll from the ongoing pandemic as well. Current figures for Indonesia are 21.745 infected people with the coronavirus (23 May 2020). The main […]

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Have you ever heard of the WeCanHelp platform? If not, then you should read this text here very carefully. Bildungsspender and WeCanHelp are among the most successful charity buying platforms in Germany. The principle: Help through online shopping at no extra cost. The buyer shops as usual and chooses an institution. This institution is being […]

Imelda Parazo 2

Together we can do more!

Global Micro Initiative cooperates with many partners in South East Asia. One of our partners is Project Life Subic with its qualitative training program in the Philippines. Many trainees acquire useful skills in processing textiles e.g. sewing but also learn how to successfully apply for a job and prepare for an interview. Furthermore, trainees have […]

Mund-Nasen-Schutzmasken von Farmi

Farmi Masks

COVID-19 poses enormous challenges for the population of Indonesia. To counteract these, the people in Southeast Asia are working together to find solutions for the current situation. One of them is the small entrepreneur Farmi. Farmi, a microcredit recipient, has been sewing face masks for needy people from the surrounding area for several weeks. This […]

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Amazon is the new shopping google. Everyone knows Amazon, but who knows This is THE opportunity to donate money through Amazon shopping and it works without any additional costs for the buyer! With each of your purchases you donate 0.5% to a social organization of your choice! Global Micro Initiative e.V. is registered as […]

Karya Sukma


Place: Pancor, East-Lombok, Indonesia   Age: 32   Business: Electronics Repair Service    Loan: 60 €   Karya Sukma lives together with his wife Gita Asmarani and their two children in Pancor, located in the East of Lombok/Indonesia. Their son is the first child aged 5 while their daughter is the second child aged 1. Karya Sukma decided […]



Place: East-Lombok, Indonesia   Age: 51   Business: Warung   Loan: 60 €   Amaq Meng lives together with his wife, his two daughters and his son in Pancor, East Lombok. His daughters are studying, and his son visits the High School. Amaq runs for Indonesian conditions typical Warung in the near of a bus station […]



Indonesia is the country with the highest Muslim population in the world. Many Muslims around the world including Indonesian Muslims fast during the holy month of Ramadan. The most important holiday is “Eid Al-Fitr” also known as the “festival of breaking the fast”, and marks the end of Ramadan. Friends and Families visit each other […]



Place: East-Lombok, Indonesia   Age: 37   Business: Food Stall   Loan: 56 €   An own small food stall is the dream of Nurjani, who comes from the east of Lombok. The 37-year-old Indonesian sells vegetables, meat, fish and eggs by going door to door. From time to time, her husband, who is a farmer, […]

Azenith und Ariel, Project Life Subic

Protective equipment against Corona

Fear of the coronavirus-induced disease COVID-19 and the protection of the Filipino population has led President Duterte to impose a strict curfew on the country. This also affects the work of our Philippine partner organization Project Life Subic. As a specially certified training centre for industrial seamstresses, Project Life Subic carried out training courses which […]

Demah 08


Place: East-Lombok, Indonesia   Age: 50   Business: Store Loan: 56 €   Demah is an Indonesian woman, 50 years old and lives in Lombok, an island located east of Bali. She´s been selling fruits and vegetables for more than 20 years. Three years ago, Demah started to sell Indonesian cakes e.g. Kue Apem. Customers enjoy […]

Tamar Center, Frauen bekommen Lebensmittelpakete


It is the year 2563, and happy people in the streets of Thailand actually wanted to celebrate the turn of the year by splashing each other with water. Monks wanted to wash Buddha statues in religious ceremonies with consecrated water and make offerings. Families would visit their elderly relatives, pay their respects and receive their […]


Lek’s life was never easy. The Thai woman living in Pattaya has already experienced a lot in her 35 years of life, unfortunately not many positives. After the divorce from her husband, who was the sole breadwinner of the family at that time, Lek, suddenly had to earn her income on her own. She had […]

Shiela 3

Support during COVID-19-crisis in the Philippines

In the Philippines, a total lockdown has stopped all our activities and most participant’s businesses had to close. Not Shiela’s, though. Sheila received a micro loan from us last year and started selling rice and eggs. During the current lockdown, she was allowed to continue her business – and helps her community through selling rice and […]

Poto bersama Peserta jejaring Pasar

Networking Event in Lombok

Through microcredits and training, we at GMI want to help people in Southeast Asia live a better and more self-determined life. With this financial support, our participants are able to become financially independent and to further their education. But what happens after a microcredit is granted? Borrowers are not on their own, quite the contrary. […]

Corona Update

The corona virus also impacts our partner organizations and project participants in South East Asia. In Indonesia, a national emergency has been declared. In the Philippines, President Duterte imposed a curfew on the entire country. In Thailand, the Prime Minister declared a state of emergency. No matter what terms are used, everywhere the measures imposed […]



Place: East-Lombok, Indonesia   Age: 33   Business: Poultry Food   Loan: 130 €   Supriadi and his wife are parents of one son and one daughter. To nourish their children, the parents took on long ways every morning in order to buy vegetables for resale. Three years ago, Supriadi realized his dream of opening a […]

GMI Luncheon 2

GMI Women’s Celebration

On March 2, 2020, 11 aspiring women and our GMI representatives Anthony, Gilbert and Melinda came together to celebrate the International Women’s Day at the Project Life Subic Center in the Philippines. This year’s motto was “we make a change for women”. The gathered women aim to be successful in life and in business. International […]

Sahrini Balong


Place: Wanasaba, Indonesia   Age: 45   Business: Food Peddler   Loan: 129 €   Sohrini never knows what her day will be like. Every day she sets foot into a new journey of unknown occurrences accompanied with a big basket that is filled with goods. She knocks on doors to sell noodles, sugar, coffee beans, […]


Impressions of my journey on Lombok

Our founder Tobias was in Indonesia again. Here he tells you about his impressions: “Lombok. These six letters do not only belong to one of the top 5 travel destinations in Indonesia, but have also been an important part of our work for years. I visit our partner organisations and microcredit borrowers on site over […]



Place: Lombok, Indonesia   Age: 38   Business: Production and Selling of Snacks   Loan: 64 €   Two years ago, Farmi started her own kerupuk business. Kerupuk are deep fried crackers which are made from starch and other ingredients. By starting her own small business, Farmi intended to support her husband who was the only […]



Place: Selong, Est-Lombok, Indonesia   Age: 40   Business: Street Trader   Loan: 65 €   Rohmatulloh is a solicitous wife and mother of three children. But she is more than that. In 2016 she started her own small company and works since then as a street trader. On the side she helps out in […]



What is it like living on Lombok as an honorary? What difficulties arise on site? What is it like to interact with the local people both linguistically and culturally? These and more questions were answered by our culture and communication expert Nini. “Without Nini we would not have been able to expand our work in […]



Place: Beririjarak, Indonesia   Age: 37   Business: Food production   Loan: 67 €   Some organisations only lend micro loans to women to support them on their way to greater self-determination and independence. A large proportion of our micro-borrowers are also female. But we also help men realize and develop their business ideas. One of […]

Salihin 2

200th Microcredit

Place: Lombok, Indonesia   Age: 39   Business: Food Production Loan: 140 €   Enabling poor people to lead a better and self-determined life is not only our goal, but also a passion. All the more reason for us to consider ourselves lucky and proud of the success of our organisation and our donors. Recently we […]


Annual Meeting

On Saturday our annual general meeting took place again. In an exciting report our chairman Tobias guided the participants through the past year and reported about his inspiring experiences in the Philippines and Indonesia. His remarks were complemented by the moving experiences of founding and supporting member Andreas, who together with Tobias had travelled to […]

Lorena’s MOA 2

Anthony – Personally

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Anthony Agones and his path to our partner organization Project Life Subic. But who exactly is this person? Anthony is 25 years old and currently lives in Old Cabalan Olongapo City. There he shares his home with his parents and sister. Together with his father, he lovingly […]

Entrepreneur’s Lunch

Recently it was time once again: Our Entrepreneur’s Lunch in the Philippines took place! In an informal setting, current micro-borrowers and interested parties can exchange ideas, listen to interesting lectures and gain exciting insights into our organization and work. Anthony, Managing Director of our partner organization Project Life Subic, enthusiastically shared his impressions of the […]

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New Years Reception in Hösbach

Special honor for organization: At this year’s New Year’s reception in Hösbach, our founder Tobias Schüßler had the opportunity to present the work of GMI! Tobias especially appreciated the great commitment of our volunteers, who make our work possible in the first place. Afterwards, the founders Tobias, Marion and Silvia received a gift from the […]


Training on the Philippines

A few weeks ago, our Philippine partner organisation Project Life Subic welcomed another ten women and one man to its training program as industrial seamstress. The success of the previous trainings can be characterized by the fact that many of the current trainees were made aware of the program by former participants. They all like […]


Impact Study – Indonesia

For some it might just be the amount of a new pair of shoes which equivalently can be the basis for others to live a better life. To improve the life of a single individual but also of a family a small amount is often enough. 24 out of 32 small businesses which participated in […]


Giving Tuesday: we double your donation!

It’s Giving Tuesday! Help us raise 6000 Euro to fund job trainings in the Philippines! Best of all: your donation will be doubled and we will let you know exactly, whom you’ve helped!  More Information Through training, we create new perspectives – that’s our shared goal together with our Philippine partner organization Project Life Subic […]

Regina A. Viana 6


Place: San Isidro, Philippines   Age: 42   Business: Sewing Shop   Loan: 88 € The Philippines belongs to one of the poorer countries in Asia. Especially the contrast between the small upper class and the poorer majority of citizens is frightening. Living with having less than one Euro per day? What might sound unbelievable […]


5 Years GMI

5 years ago, on November 22, 2014, 10 people got together in Hoesbach, Germany, to found a small NGO – Global Micro Initiative! Today we say thank you for: More than 100 members from 6 countries Almost 200 micro loans provided in Indonesia and the Philippines 100 sponsored job trainings in the Philippines and Thailand […]


Get your Donations Doubled!

Through training, we create new perspectives – that’s our shared goal together with our Philippine partner organization Project Life Subic and the crowdfunding campaign “Many Achieve More“. Project Life Subic’s training program includes not only basics in sewing techniques and industrial textile processing. The trainees also learn how to successfully apply to local companies, convince […]

Lorena Dedicatoria 7


Place: San Isidro, Philippines   Age: 47   Business: Pig farming   Loan: 88 €   The authorities of the Philippines have stopped to import pork meat and pork produces from Germany a few months before. The reason was due to a threat of importing produces contaminated with African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV). While ASFV […]



Would you like to know who is running our projects in the Philippines, in Indonesia or in Thailand and who makes sure that you know what happened to your donation? Then you have come to the right place: In our new series we introduce the people behind our partner organization to you. Today: Anthony Agones, […]



Place: Zambales, Island Luzon, Philippines   Age: 29   Business: E-Loading  Loan: 87 €   In Zambales, a province on the Philippine island of Luzon, Anafe Eclar lives with her husband, two children and other relatives in a small modest home. Anafe’s husband works as a trycicle driver (a motorized tricycle), a typical means of […]

Lorna R. Lizada

From Dream to Reality

During your childhood you have many dreams. Some of the following women would have wished to save lives as a doctor, go to the police, or travel around the world as a stewardess. But in a poor country like the Philippines, education is expensive, and many locals have no choice but to work in low-paid […]


Women in Lombok: Equality

Gender equality and women’s rights are written in capital letters in Indonesia, at least in the constitution. In reality however, the situation is often different. Women continue to be disadvantaged, and socially and structurally discriminated against. This is noticeable in many areas of life. In some cases, women are married as children, single mothers have […]

Shiela 3


Place: Olongapo City, Philippines   Age: 41   Business: Trade with Rice   Loan: 87 €   In Asia you can find so called KTV (Karaoke Tele Vision) Bars in which you can rent a special Karaoke cabin and sing with your group. Karaoke´s a famous musical and cultural heritage of many Asian countries. Shiela […]


A starter kit against poverty-prostitution

For many of us Thailand is known as a magnificent holiday destination with stunning beaches, wildlife parks, elephants and temples. But there´s local Thai who live in horrendous circumstances like Ken. She has grown up in an orphanage under harsh conditions. Ken never finished school and doesn´t have any degree. Due to this she was […]



Place: Olongapo City, Philippines   Age: 48   Business: Onlineshop   Loan: 87  €   Marian is one of the 233.000 citizens of Olongapo City in the Philippines. She ́s 48 years old and unmarried. Her father was a single parent and took care of Marian and her two sisters until he has passed away […]



Place: Lombok, Indonesia   Age: 32   Business: Warung   Loan: 66 €   About 3.35 million people live on the 4,725 km² large island of Lombok. In contrast to agriculture, tourism on the island is of subordinate importance. Therefore, the people concentrate mainly on the cultivation and sale of rice, vegetables and spices. One of […]

_Bali with all of myself_-244

Women in Lombok: Empowerment Through Loans

Muliana, a 20-year-old Indonesian woman from a small village named Kelayu runs her own shop in a male-dominated area. A few months before she had to walk a long way through mud and a gravelled road just to get to the nest supermarket. Global Micro Initiative has helped her with a microloan. We help Women […]

IMG_2078 (2)

We are 100!

Volunteering as a matter of the heart – 100th member of the sponsorship comes from Karlstein Helping people to help themselves. Encouraging people to achieve their goals and to realize their dreams. For Marcus Meinl, this has long been a personal concern. Now he is working together with us, Global Micro Initiative e.V.. Five years […]

_Bali with all of myself_-229

Touching Impressions – Indonesia

Dennis Franz, member of GMI visited the slums in Indonesia. After his return, Silvia Schüßler, member of the board, interviewed him   As a member you have been supporting GMI for a few years. How did you become part of GMI? I have been friends with Tobias Schüßler, the founder of GMI, since our school […]



Place: Lombok, Indonesia   Age: 54   Business: Tailor Shop   Loan: 124 €   Makenun and her husband do their best to take care of their two children. As everyone who was affected by the earthquake on the Indonesian island of Lombok, the struggle to earn a living has gotten even harder than before. Makenun […]


Saving Money

This year’s stay in the Philippines was used by our director Tobias Schüßler to develop a new program with the team of our partner organization Project Life Subic. The aim is to bring the benefits of saving money to the participants of the trainings we support for industrial textile processors, which also to help them […]



Place: Lombok, Indonesia   Age: 46   Business: Veg stall  Loan: 125 €   Saemeh´s from Eastern Lombok – Indonesia, a rural and less developed area. She´s a mother of three children. When she used to be a housewife, her husband was the only person earning income for the family. He works in the agricultural sector. […]



Pattaya is a city in southern Thailand and famous for it ́s vibrant nightlife. Pla was 18 years old when she moved to Pattya, originally from the north of Thailand. She came to the city like many other Thai women from rural areas who seek to earn more money in order to support their family. […]



Helping together: First team event of the Global Micro Initiative What makes the Global Micro Initiative? We dealt with this question intensively on Saturday in our first team event in Karlstein am Main. Together with five GMI members, GMI founders Tobias, Silvia and Marion talked about the mission, values and appearance of the non-profit association. […]

IMG_4529 (1)

When things don’t go as planned

We from Global Micro Initiative help people who would never be able to receive a loan from a profit-oriented bank. Due to this fact there´s a coherently high default risk. Participants who receive a microloan are predominantly able to redeem it. But in some cases, it happens that the participants aren´t able to pay it back […]



Ort: Lombok, Indonesien   Alter: 39   Geschäft: Lebensmittelherstellung   Kredit: 62 €   The two languages Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia both belong to the Malay language and therefore are very similar. This simplifies communication for Salihin with her husband, who originally is from Lombok and went to Malaysia to find work. The Indonesian island […]

Sri Wulandari_3


Place: Lombok, Indonesia   Age: 48   Business: Tailor Shop   Loan: 61 €   More than 27% of the total 241 million Indonesians live in poverty. However, there are large regional differences. While in Java, the country’s main island, about 23% of the population live in poverty, the proportion of the poor population in some […]


Loosing your home

We actually wanted to visit Angelo – we drove almost an hour with the Jeepney, the typical public transportation of the Philippines. Angelo has renovated a beauty salon with our microcredit. We have not made an appointment as time and punctuality have a totally different meaning here. When we got off the jeep, we were […]



Place: Subic, Philippines   Age: 48   Business: Delivery Service   Loan: 90 €   Susanna heard about us from her niece Sarah, who at the same time is her neighbor and just received her second micro loan. After presenting a promising business plan together with her loan application, the Project Life Subic team and […]


Business Management Training

How can people in poorer, remote regions of Indonesia sustainably be empowered to live a financially better life? How can we strengthen the economic condition of an entire village community, do so permanently and individually help people in need? These are the questions our board members asked themselves. Together with the Indonesian partner organisation Gema […]


Together we Achieve More

Thanks to the amazing support of the matched giving campaign of our local bank we are able to sponsor 10 students in every batch of this year’s sewing classes of our partner Project Life Subic in the Philippines.  During his stay in the Philippines, our director Tobias Schüßler was able to personally hand over the […]

Mawati 3


Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 41   Business: Warung   Loan: 35 €   Update June 2019 Mawati received another loan in order to further increase her business About Mawati In addition to rice, spicy food, dreamlike temples, picturesque beaches and the tropical climate, the well-known warungs – mobile stalls and food kitchens – are also […]

IMG_4519 (1)

My visit in the Slums

GMI member Andreas Schüßler from Hösbach visited our projects in the Philippines with our director Tobias Schüßler in April. He reports: “Crushing heat, tired dogs, houses without a floor – and in between: Laughing children – that’s what I perceive when I’m in a slum for the first time in my life. Apart from me, […]


Presentation at Heilbronn University

On May 8, Tobias Schüßler visited Heilbronn University where he studied when founding GMI in 2014. In two lectures, he told the students how we help people by giving out micro credits and sponsoring trainings. Also, he encouraged the audience to use the skills they acquire during their studies to the benefit of others. We […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 53   Business: Minimart   Loan: 35 €   Many Indonesians have less than two euros to live each day. With the money, they often barely manage to pay for their accommodation and meals. To help these people live better and independent lives, we launched a new program in April 2017 […]


Tobias Schüßler in the Philippines

In early April, our director Tobias Schüßler visited our partner organization Project Life Subic in the Philippines. Besides checking the accounts of our funds, Schüßler also visited current micro loan recipients and conducted interviews with potential borrowers. Schüßler reports: „The accounts of Project Life Subic were managed exemplary, with a discrepancy of approx. 30 cents. […]

Murniati (3)


Place: Selong, Indonesia   Age: 47   Business: Street Vendor   Loan: 67 €   Life hasn’t been easy for 43-year-old Murniati. After a short marriage, her husband died, leaving her alone with a son. The physically strenuous work in the rice paddies of Lombok helped the single parent to feed herself and her child, but […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 33   Business: Warung   Loan: 35 €   Originally from the island of Lombok, Mainim decided to move to Bali last year, because after the earthquake of 2018, Bali’s already impoverished neighbouring island fared even worse. The 33-year-old has rented a spot on the road around Denpasar and now sells […]


10 Additional Trainings

Growing up without any real education, a monthly family income of 80 to 250 Euros, as well as living with several relatives in simple Two-bedroom apartments – all these commonalities are shared by the 10 women, aged 22 to 56, who are participating in our apprenticeship program as industrial seamstress in the Philippines. However, not […]

Meet Our Board

For the past four years, we have been dedicated to improving the lives of people in Southeast Asia by empowering them to built their own future. We now have more than 84 members, led by three board members, who are dedicated and committed to the goals of GMI. „We’re a strong, engaged team”, says Tobias […]


Cakes of Jurit Baru

During our stay on the Indonesian island of Lombok, we also visit Raodah in the village of Jurit Baru. The 39-year-old’s home sits on an unpaved road, with the village mosque 50 meters away. The sun has just set and the muezzin calls to prayer, so we have to speak very loudly to understand each […]



Ort: Denpasar, Indonesien   Alter: 23   Geschäft: Cracker Verkauf   Kredit: 2 x 35 €   Vielen Indonesiern stehen pro Tag weniger als zwei Euro zum Leben zur Verfügung. Mit dem Geld schaffen sie es oftmals nur knapp, für ihre Unterkunft und Mahlzeiten zu bezahlen. Um diesen Menschen zu einem besseren und unabhängigen Leben zu […]


Volunteer on Site

If volunteering with a non-profit organization raises the desire to get to know project participants on site, then there is only one way: Packing a suitcase and getting on the plane! That’s exactly what Rebecca Ghawi did. Together with our CEO Tobias Schüßler, she travelled to Indonesia and accompanied him on his visits at partner […]

Vortrag Februar_2 (1)

Presentation at PGS

Almost 100 pupils and teachers of Paul Gerhadt High School participated in a presentation session held by our director Tobias Schüßler about our work in South East Asia. Starting from people who scavenge the garbage mountains of Manila for food up to the positive effects which our loans had on participants, he explained to the […]


Sapit Village

Place: Lombok, Indonesia   Age: 30   Business: Coffee Roasting House   Loan: 128 €, 192 €   Update Within a few months Sopian was able to increase his deposit from 100 kg coffee to 200 kg and to pay his credit off. However the market demand for coffee is about 400 kg, so Sopian decided […]


Sarah and Angelo

Two of our micro-borrowers live about an hour apart. Angelo and Sarah both grew up in poor conditions in the Philippines. Sarah lives in Olongapo City and Angelo in Subic. Beyond their living conditions, the two have one thing in common – they both successfully participated in our training program! Both wanted to provide for […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 42   Business: Streetfood   Loan: 2 x 35 €   Update January 2019 After Ekta repaid her first microcredit, she received a second one. About Ekta Denpasar is not only the capital of the island of Bali, it is also the economic and social center. Almost 500,000 people live there, […]


Member Assembly on January 26

Last saturday, our annual member’s meeting took place in Hösbach. Our director Tobias Schüßler presented the highlights of the past year to the 23 guests and gave an outlook of what’s to come in 2019. The actions of the board were officially approved for 2018 and the current board was reelected for another 2 years […]


Kelayu Village

Place: Lombok, Indonesia   Age: 20 Business: Warung   Loan: 128 €, 192 €   Update Muliana pursued her goal of having an own supermarket and giving people jobs. With her ambition and hard work she was able to pay off her credit. Now she applied for another one on the amount of 192 € to […]


How Tailor Trainings Transform Lives

Participants of our sponsored sewing training not only learn how to handle high-speed sewing machines, various yarns and fabrics. They also learn how to apply to local employers and convince them in a job interview, punctuality and reliability are also being worked on. At the end of last year, another group of students benefited from […]


Impressions from Indonesia

Tobias Schüßler, our director, travelled to Indonesia for two weeks at the beginning of December to visit partner organisations and project participants, to verify the proper use of the donations and to plan further cooperations. He was accompanied on this privately funded trip by Dennis Franz from Sailauf, who has been supporting the non-profit association […]

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Rebuilding in Lombok

A few months ago, several strong earthquakes shook the Indonesian island of Lombok. First aid reached the victims quickly and the locals could soon begin to rebuild their homes. The economic life in the small villages, however, came to a complete fall for a few weeks. Together with our partner organisation Gema Alam, we gave […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 45   Business: Offerings   Loan: 2x 70 €   Update December 2018 In December, a lot of Hindu Holidays were coming up. In order to satisfy the higher demand for offerings, Wardani received a second micro loan of 70 Euro. About Wardani Wardani is from the Balinese capital Denpasar, Ardiasa […]


Visiting Kasmiati

In the village of Wanasaba we visit Kasmiati. Since our partner organisation Gema Alam does not carry out projects in Wanasaba otherwise, Kasmiati is the only participant. She heard about Gema Alam’s projects and the micro-credits because she is a member of a village cooperative in the neighbouring village. The small hut consists of a […]


Mael (22) comes from the province of Chaiyaphum in northeastern Thailand. Since there is little work available in Chaiyaphum, she had come to Pattaya. There, she worked for two years in a go-go bar on the famous “Walking Street”. “Mael has heard of the Tamar Center from another woman who came to us in the […]

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title photo by Conweimar Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 47   Business: Coconuts   Loan: 2x 70 €   Update December 2o18 Shortly before our visit of Sutri’s store, Sutri received another micro loan. This helped her to order in bulk and ever since, a delivery truck comes by her shop every day. This makes her […]


After the earthquake: Hariyanto and Haeniah

Update Just one month after reopening Haeniah had to appoint employees, because her shop was crowded by people and she was unable to run it alone. Now, after she paid off her first credit, she applied for another one in the amount of 320€ to buy new equipment, a shelf as well as a refrigerator […]



Place: Subic, Philippines   Age: 37   Business: Sari Sari Store   Loan: 83 €   Subic is a municipality in Zambales province and the site of a former U.S. military base at Subic Bay. Our micro-borrower Carina lives among approximately 100,000 inhabitants of the city. The 37-year-old mother lives in a small one-room-home with […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 32   Business: Hijab-Shop   Loan: 67 €; 67 €   Update November 2018 Oktavia’s strategy worked and her increased product variety also attracted more customers. As she is selling more now, she also needs to have more items in stock. With another micro loan, we enabled Oktavia to increase her […]

Philippines: Childhood dreams

Every person has dreams, no matter what conditions they grow up in. The participants in the training program of Project Life Subic, our partner organization from the Philippines all have a less privileged background. GMI volunteer Anja interviewed 3 participants sponsored by us in the current course and wanted to know from them: “What was […]

Buy Christmas Cards and Help Others

Already thought about Christmas? Order handmade Christmas cards from Thailand and help people! For about a year now, GMI is also engaged in Pattaya, Thailand. We work with the Tamar Center, a local nonprofit foundation that enables victims of human trafficking to start a new life. When the women come to Tamar Center, they have […]


Place: Subic, Philippines   Age: 33   Business: Sari-Sari Store   Loan: 90 €   33-year old Royane lives together with her family in their own home in Subic. Owning property is quite uncommon for most of the population due to high levels of destitution. Her husband Benwil works as a grinder and makes approximately […]


Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 32   Business: Tailor shop   Loan: 2 x 35 €   Update November 2018 Unfortunately, Miswaras was not able to buy all materials she needed, as prices had increased significantly. Therefore she first wanted to repay her loan and then receive another one in order to buy the rest.  Über […]

Update: Earthquake in Indonesia

Since the devastating earthquake in early August, we have been in a lively exchange with the heads of our partner organisation Gema Alam.  Even 8 weeks later, there are still several minor aftershocks almost daily. The employees of Gema Alam have meanwhile built several temporary accommodations together with other relief organizations. It is especially helpful for […]

125 Micro Loans and 40 Trainings Funded!

Thanks to many generous donors, it was possible for us to award the 125 microcredit and to sponsor the 40. Training in September! This jubilee loan of around €71 received Rati from Indonesia. For her it was already the third micro-credit from us. Rati has been operating a Warung for several months, a small kiosk […]

Three Ladies – one Goal

They all want to learn to sew through our training program or to develop their skills in order to have better prospects for the future and to be able to care for their families. One of the participants is the 27-year-old Analyn from Barretto. Together with her family she lives in a humble apartment. After […]


Place: Barretto, Philippinen   Age: 31   Business: Sari-Sari Store   Loan: 90 €   Olongapo is a city in the Southwestern part of Luzons, the largest island of the Philippines. The city is close to the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, which, until 1992, was a US marine base. The people there live in deprived […]


Place: Olongapo, Philippines   Age: 22  Business: Clothing Store   Loan: 90 €   Similar to some of our other micro entrepreneurs, 22-years old Angelie lives in Olongapo, the largest Filipino city close to Subic Bay. Angelie lives there with her husband and four children, who are aged between 1 – 6 years. At the moment, […]


Place: Olongapo, Philippines   Age: 50   Business: Sari-Sari Store   Loan: 50 €   As eldest sister and mother, Amy takes care of her youngest sister and her youngest brother, as well as her two sons, her daughter (29) and her granddaughter. This mix of generations is typical for a Filipino family from the […]


Place: Subic, Philippines   Age: 37   Business: Grocery Store   Loan: 90 €   After the separation from her husband, the 37-year-old Loren now lives together with her four children in Subic, a Philippine municipality in the province of Zambales. There, they inhabit a house with a small sales room, in which Loren sells […]

Earthquake in Lombok

A 6.4 earthquake shook the island of Lombok on Sunday morning just before 07:00 am local time. Even in the 1 to 2 hours drive from the epicenter the villages of Pringgasela and Suela, in which we support village communities with microcredits, the heavy tremors were felt. “People panicked and ran away from buildings,” says […]

New Job Trainees in the Philippines

Our training participants could not be more different, yet they all have the same goal: they want to find a job after the apprenticeship to the industrial sewer with their acquired knowledge. Update September 2018 3 months after graduating, we contacted the three sponsored students. Jervie works in a computer store, where he earns more than minimum […]


Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 51   Business: Warung   Loan: 3 x 71 €   Update November 2018 In the past months, prices for gasoline increased in Indonesia, too. This meant rising prices for the ingredients of Nursiya’s warung. But while others had to close down their businesses, Nursiyah acted smart and reduced her product […]

Schulung Buchhaltung

More Than Credit – how we Empower People Through Consulting

Before being able to receive a micro credit from us, the potential entrepreneurs receive comprehensive training to ensure the success of their future business. We give the majority of micro credits, however, to already existing micro enterprises rather than start-ups. Micro loans allow our participants with pre-existing businesses to grow their business with more capital […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 25   Business: Banten   Loan: 2 x 71 €   Update November 2018 The couple was able to fully repay their loan in time. Now, six months later and cautious as they are, they want to take the next step and increase their business activities even further. Therefore they received […]

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