Two Months with WKP: “I am really impressed”


Alexander Rachor, one of our founding members is visiting our partner WKP in Indonesia for two months. In this blog he talks about his experiences: 

“As member it is important to me to get to know the living conditions of the people whom we help to live a better life. Before, I had pictures to do so, now I can get direct glimpses into our work. That is why I accepted the invitation issued by our director Tobias Schüßler during the annual assembly to help GMI directly on site.

On Bali I visited a few program participants together with staff members of our partner WKP Foundation. The conditions, under which they have to live, are beyond imagination. Most of all I was shocked by the lack of living space and privacy. For example, Nur A’Iniah only has five square meters for herself and her three family members. This one room serves as sleeping room, living room and guest room. It is enough to survive, but not enough to live.  

Despite these horrifying living conditions, she and the other program participants displayed a joy and happiness that deeply touched me. They are thankful for our support and proud about being able to use a micro loan to build and manage their own independent businesses. Through this, they will be able to improve their living conditions and escape poverty in the long run. This was also true for Siti, who was visibly delighted about our visit and who confidently demonstrated her small restaurant to us. The income is now enough to support herself and her daughter.  

My experiences in Indonesia motivate me to support GMI even more. I find it amazing how such small donations of less than 100 euro can have such impacts on people and help them to live a better and independent life.”