Place: East-Lombok, Indonesia  
Age: 51  
Business: Warung  
Loan: 60 €


Amaq Meng lives together with his wife, his two daughters and his son in Pancor, East Lombok. His daughters are studying, and his son visits the High School. Amaq runs for Indonesian conditions typical Warung in the near of a bus station which is already lead in the second generation. Initially his parents founded the business but after his father died Amaq takes over the business. Together with his wife Amaq sells every day from 5 am to 1 pm Nasi Rawon – rice with beef meat stew -, coffee, ice and other cold drinks.

His daily turnover amounts to 30,00 EUR where after deduction of all his costs just 9,00 EUR left. On good visited days Amaqs turnover amounts to 36 – 42 EUR per day. Nevertheless, it’s not enough to take care of his family. So, he further works as a taxi driver. In the main season he can earn other 240 EUR per month.

The biggest threat he has to face is the missing capital for the extension of his business and the uprising concurrence. Due to this it is getting harder to keep his clients and winning new. With our microcredit Amaq wants to develop his business and save a proper place at the market. For this he uses the credit of about 60 EUR to buy more ingredients so he can offer more menus. He also knows exactly what he wants to offer in his Warung – Satay and roasted rice. Satay is popular roast dish in Indonesia which is made of fish, meat or shrimps marinated in turmeric roasted on bamboo spits over wood fire.