Place: Olongapo, Philippines  
Age: 50  
Business: Sari-Sari Store  
Loan: 50 €


As eldest sister and mother, Amy takes care of her youngest sister and her youngest brother, as well as her two sons, her daughter (29) and her granddaughter. This mix of generations is typical for a Filipino family from the poor neighborhoods. Together with them and her husband, she lives in a small house. At her home Amy opened a “Sari Sari store”, a traditional tiny corner store. There she has been selling products like canned goods, cigarettes and sweets to her neighborhood for a few days. In addition to her shop, Amy works at least twice a month as a housekeeper, earning a total of 13 euros. She used the micro-credit to fill the mostly empty shelves with new products.

At first, however, business was not so good. Our local employee, Barbara, explained to Amy that she should put the products in a more visible place instead of hiding them in cupboards, so that customers can see them. Even though Amy was afraid of thieves first, she tried out the advice and lo and behold, the goods have been selling many times better since then.