Place: Zambales, Island Luzon, Philippines  
Age: 29  
Business: E-Loading 
Loan: 87 €


In Zambales, a province on the Philippine island of Luzon, Anafe Eclar lives with her husband, two children and other relatives in a small modest home. Anafe’s husband works as a trycicle driver (a motorized tricycle), a typical means of transport in the Philippines.

In order to be able to afford more comfort and to support the family financially, the young mother wants to enlarge her Sari-Sari store, a kind of corner store. The plan is to sell e-loading products. This means products such as prepaid credits, electronic value products or gift cards. The advantages of selling such products are especially the space-saving sales stand and the ever-increasing demand. Among other things, Anafe plans to sell Smart and Globe sim cards, which are well known in the Philippines. These also offer traveler SIMs, which is very convenient for a region like Zambales, as it attracts many tourists to the region due to its beautiful beaches, bays and outdoor activities. With a microcredit of over 5.000 Philippine pesos, which equals about 87 euros, we help Anafe realize her idea.

Author: Annika
Translator: Frederic