A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Anthony Agones and his path to our partner organization Project Life Subic. But who exactly is this person?

Anthony is 25 years old and currently lives in Old Cabalan Olongapo City. There he shares his home with his parents and sister. Together with his father, he lovingly cares for his mother, who has diabetes. His father works as a security guard, whereas his mother is a housewife, as is customary in the Philippines. Anthony has an older brother and two younger sisters. The young head of the organization does not yet have a wife or children. But that does not bother Anthony, because his work at PLS has him at his full capacity. Every Saturday he teaches young people how to make music. He combines his hobby with work. Even in his free time he likes to listen to music or play instruments, watch movies or take care of his 15 guinea pigs. Anthony thus has a heart not only for humans, but also for animals.

As a child, Anthony always wanted to be a psychologist as he loves to listen to people and help them in every way possible. But such an education is very expensive in the Philippines, and few families can afford to make such a dream possible for their children. All the better that he can live out this very aspect that led him to his desire to work as a child today in his work.

Asked where his almost perfect English comes from, Anthony tells us that he owes this mainly to the many conversations with foreign visitors. At school, he learned English like all Filipinos, but he admitted that he didn’t pay too much attention to his teacher. 😉

We thank Anthony for his honest answers and great dedication!