Place: Pringgasela, East-Lombok, Indonesia  
Age: 50  
Business: Bakulan (Selling door to door)  
Loan: 58 €


Inaq Anto lives together with her family in a small village located in Pringgasela which is located in the east of Lombok. Inaq has four children and is currently married for the second time. Two of her children are from her first marriage. Her older son from the second marriage comes home rarely as he currently works as an international operating employee. Her younger son is attending school. Inaq´s husband works as a cattle herder or farmer but only if he´s able to find such employment.

Her older son who often works abroad sends some money home whenever he´s able to. The family relies on Inaq´s income if her husband can´t find a job. Inaq´s business is as a “Bakulan”. She knocks door-to-door and tries to sell her products in her basket. Her basket is filled with various products such as tomatoes, peanuts or dried fish. In general, she sells fruits, vegetables and fish. Inaq knows this business since the early age of ten. In the beginning she sold banana leaves and Cassava (Maniok). She´s been self-employed with her business since her first marriage. Today she makes about IDR 70.000 – 60.000 /day which equals to approximately € 4 – 3.50 /day. Her husband makes IDR 50.000 /day – less than € 3/day if he´s employed.

But her business doesn´t come without challenges… The biggest struggle of her door-to-door sales are customers which can´t pay their invoices as she accumulated high receivables which can´t be paid back. Inaq dependents on bank loans in order to continue her business e.g. buy new products. Her last loan was charging high interest payments. Inaq found GMI and therefore found another source to receive a loan – without exorbitant interest rates.
GMI granted her a loan of IDR 1.000.000 (€ 58). Inaq uses this loan to extend her product offerings and make higher sales with her variety of new products. GMI wishes Inaq the best to fulfill the needs of her customers and also generate a higher income for her and her family.


Translation Mustafa