Place: Subic, Philippines  
Age: 19  
Business: Tailor Shop  
Loan: 98€


So far, April is the youngest participant in our program. Furthermore, she is also the first one to take up study at university as it is her dream to become a teacher.

With the microloan she bought a sewing machine as well as cloth and opened a small shop, which she can run alongside her studies. Choosing the right sewing machine was particularly important for her. A high quality, industrial machine is very efficient, however, the humid climate in the Philippines increases the risk of defect. Spare parts and repairs would be impossible for April to finance. For this reason, she chose a simple, less delicate manual sewing machine.

April lives with her parents and is dependent on profits in order to support her family financially. She is the oldest child and therefore responsible for her parents. Her father is a trained welder, however, he does not have a permanent employment and merely receives occasional contracts. Her mother takes care of the household.

Frequently, young adults quit their studies in the Philippines because their families do not have enough money to pay for university or they are needed as a worker to earn money. For this reason, we are even more happy that we can help April with making her dream come true.

Gallery April

Gallery April
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This is April's home