Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 45  
Business: Offerings  
Loan: 4 x 71 €


Update September 2018

Aryati received a fourth loan – her business is improving continuously.

Update July 2018

It is always difficult for us to determine the income changes of our participants. On the one hand, they usually do not account for profit and losses as it would be common in Germany, on the other hand in Indonesia there is also the cultural factor. One does not want to lose the face and therefore gives the answer that one thinks the other party would want to hear. Despite these obstacles, we can say that after two credits Aryati is economically better off than a few months ago. Since she wants to win new customers, she receives a third loan. 

Update June 2018

She repaid her first micro loan in time and received a second one.

About Aryati

You can find them everywhere on Bali: in front of houses, on intersections, on beaches, in shops and temples. We’re talking about Banten, traditional sacrificial offerings, which are used by Balinese Hindus nearly every day. The small offerings are labouriously made by hand, and for people like Aryati they represent their livelihood. The majority of her small stone house is dedicated to the production of Banen, which she supplies to 15 different street stalls, where the offering are then sold.  It also isn’t rare that customers buy directly from her. Aryati’s husband works as a water supplier, her 10-year old daughter goes is a fourth grade student.

A number of important Hindu holidays are coming up and Aryati has the chance of selling more Banten than usual. In order to be able to manufacture these, she received a micro credit of 71€.

Bildergalerie Aryati

Bildergalerie Aryati
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Banten, die Opfergaben der hinduistischen Balinesen