Asmawati and Edi

Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 60 and 61  
Business: Warung  
Loan: 135€; 135€


Update June 2017

Asmawati and Edi received a second micro loan in order to further improve their small restaurant. 

Update May 2017

Asmawati and Edi repaid their micro loan in time. 

About Asmawati and Edi

It is 30 years ago that Asmawati and Edi left their home town of Jember on Java and moved to Bali in the hope of a better life for their children. On Bali, they leased a small property where they built a small house over the years where they now live with their children Toni and Vivin, who supports her parents by running a small laundry in the family house.

Six months ago, the couple – both only educated to primary school level – opened a small Warung (a takeaway with seating) where they sell traditional Indonesian dishes such as nasi geroeng (a rice dish). The Warung is located at a place with much through traffic from which the couple profits. Yet, although the Warung is open 17 hours a day, they both only have 2.5€ a day to live.

Asmawati and Edi used our micro loan to renovate the takeaway and increase the number of dishes on the menu. Since the economic situation is strained on Bali at the moment and the price for food has increased drastically, both need to act fast. Otherwise, their income will not suffice anymore to refill their stock.

Gallery Asmawati and Edi

Gallery Asmawati and Edi
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The home has more resemblance to a workshop