Training on the Philippines


A few weeks ago, our Philippine partner organisation Project Life Subic welcomed another ten women and one man to its training program as industrial seamstress. The success of the previous trainings can be characterized by the fact that many of the current trainees were made aware of the program by former participants. They all like to report about Project Life Subic and the positive experiences they had during and after the program.

However, the Philippines are a very conservative country. Sewing is one of the jobs mainly done by women. Jaybee is the only man in the group to overcome these stereotypes. The 47-year-old, who used to dream of becoming an engineer, is happy to be given the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. “I would like to buy a sewing machine to start my own business. I could also imagine working in a sewing shop,” says Jaybee, who became aware of the program through his wife, a former participant.

For many, the training location has become a second home, giving them the opportunity to learn and develop. Together, they have acquired the most important knowledge and basics of sewing and industrial word processing in recent weeks. They all see this as an opportunity to improve their current situation and that of their children.

All participants:
Cristine D. King (36, married, 3 children, w.)
Jaybee Abad (47, married, 2 children, m.)
Lorena O. Dedicatoria (47, married, 6 children, w.)
Marites B. Bastida (46, single, 1 child, w.)
Jennifer A. Maigi (42, single, 2 children, w.)
Jennifer L. Estiva (35, married, 2 children, w.)
Regina A. Vianna (42, married, 5 children, w.)
Adelina T. Artus (48, married, 4 children, w.)
Joloreng B. Sakilan (33, married, 8 children, w.)
Melinda V. Coyoca (51, single, 1 child, w.)
Florife S. Pascua (40, married, 1 child, w.)

We would like to thank the numerous donors for making this project possible and we wish our trainees great success on their future way.





Author: Annika Benz
Translated by: Ronja Dzikus