Students Philippines

Four more students have completed their course in the Philippines. Here you can find out who they are. 

Belen is 47-years old and lives in a small town, approximately one hour from our partner organisation Project Life. Her husband works as a welder for a shipyard and yet, just about manages to sustain the family. The parents and two children share a house with other relatives. “I take part in the sewing apprenticeship because I would like to know how to make clothes and how to measure somebody”, Belen tells us. After the apprenticeship the middle age women would like to work for a small company in her town where she can make use of her newly acquired skills.


Loida is 49-years old and married with two children. Her husband works as a welder in the public shipyard’s dry dock. As common for many Pilipinos, the family shares a small house with their in-laws. After the apprenticeship, Loida would like to find employment to support her husband with providing for the family while the in-laws offered to look after the two children.


Ana-Liza is 46-years old. She lives in the Matain, a slum close to the local beach known for regular gun violence. For the past couple of years, Ana-Liza has been separated from her husband and is currently sharing a small hut with her parents. “I would love to work for a textile company in the Freeport area”, she tells us. “It is quite far from where I currently live, but at least it’s safe. I would be able to sew clothes there and earn money for my family.”


Janet is 47-years old. She lives in Olongapo, circa 20 minutes from Project Life. She has been separated for some time now and is the only one taking care of her two children. Although her relatives support her financially, she is not able to pay for rent. After the apprenticeship, she plans to hunt for jobs and is hopeful that she will find an employment soon. For this, her final transcript will be very helpful.