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With success to the next generation

4 years passed since Perpetua became self-employed with her own sari-sari store. Perpetua is a 70-year-old retired high school teacher. Besides fulfilling her dream with her own shop, she was also able to take […]

2021-04-17T10:33:57+02:0017. April 2021|

Lombok: Empowering Women

Gender equality and women’s rights are written in capital letters in Indonesia, at least in the constitution. In reality however, the situation is often different. Women continue to be disadvantaged, and socially and structurally […]

2020-12-23T10:45:52+01:0023. December 2020|

Impact Study – Indonesia

For some it might just be the amount of a new pair of shoes which equivalently can be the basis for others to live a better life. To improve the life of a single […]

2020-12-23T10:45:38+01:0023. December 2020|


Would you like to know who is running our projects in the Philippines, in Indonesia or in Thailand and who makes sure that you know what happened to your donation? Then you have come […]

2020-12-23T10:39:07+01:0023. December 2020|

Success Story: Susana

Susana hat schon immer hart gearbeitet und war unternehmerisch aktiv. Neben Polvoron, einem weichen und krümeligen Schmalzgebäck, welches ursprünglich aus Spanien kommt, verkaufte sie auch Atchara, eine Gurke, die aus unreifer Papaya geschält wird. […]

2021-03-15T10:53:24+01:0010. December 2020|

International Volunteer’s Day

“Without a team of volunteers, our work in Southeast Asia would not be possible,” says Tobias Schüßler, founder of Global Micro Initiative e.V.

The “International Day of Volunteers for Economic and Social Development”, also known […]

2021-03-15T10:47:47+01:005. December 2020|

Update from Indonesia

Our aim to open a bank account for all of our microloan participants is progressing during September. The representatives of our partner organization “Gema Alam” regularly visit our microloan participants. During these visits our […]

2021-03-15T10:53:14+01:005. November 2020|

International Day of Coffee

“25 years ago, my father brought the first coffee seeds, Robusta Kantim, to our village of Beririjarak. He had participated in government training courses for coffee and cocoa farmers and had started growing Robusta. […]

2021-03-15T10:51:50+01:004. October 2020|

Meet our Volunteer: Anja

Our author Anja schould already be known to our dililgent readers. Anja has been writing program participants’ success stories and other stories for our website for nearly four years, making her the longest […]

2021-03-15T10:50:57+01:0028. September 2020|

Interview Silvia

“Volunteering is an integral part of my life.”
Silvia – Co-Founder and Member of the Board

There are few GMI members, donors or GMI volunteers who have not […]

2021-03-15T11:05:42+01:0022. September 2020|

Interview Marion

“We love what we do and we take our commitment very personally”

Marion – Co-Founder and Member of the Board

September 2014: The young student and Tobias got to know each other during their joint study […]

2021-03-15T11:05:55+01:0017. September 2020|

Interview with Tobias

People who have to live in and from garbage – At the age of 18, after graduating from high school, Tobias spent two years with an aid organization in Southeast Asia. In the […]

2021-03-15T10:47:55+01:006. September 2020|



Place: Olongapo City, Philippines  
Age: 28  
Business: Sari-Sari Store  
Loan: 90 €


A Sari-Sari store […]

2021-03-15T11:06:33+01:0020. August 2020|

Philippines: Mobile Payments

A big part of South East Asia’s population already lived in poverty prior the ongoing pandemic. The lockdowns worsened the situation… But some of our microloan participants could sustain their small businesses and adjusted […]

2021-03-15T10:55:24+01:0013. August 2020|

Covid: impact on our entrepreneurs

In March 2020 the new coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared as a pandemic and spread across the globe. Many of our programs´ participants are from Indonesia – which already has taken its toll from […]

2021-03-15T11:12:19+01:003. July 2020|

Sewing Trainings

Global Micro Initiative cooperates with many partners in South East Asia. One of our partners is Project Life Subic with its qualitative training program in the Philippines. Many trainees acquire useful skills in processing […]

2021-03-15T10:54:47+01:0022. June 2020|

Masks by Farmi

COVID-19 poses enormous challenges for the population of Indonesia. To counteract these, the people in Southeast Asia are working together to find solutions for the current situation. One of them is the small entrepreneur […]

2021-03-15T11:12:15+01:0017. June 2020|

Donate by Shopping Online Part II

Amazon is the new shopping google. Everyone knows Amazon, but who knows smile.amazon?

This is THE opportunity to donate money through Amazon shopping and it works without any additional costs for the buyer! With each […]

2021-03-15T10:54:37+01:0011. June 2020|


Place: Pancor, East-Lombok, Indonesia  
Age: 32  
Business: Electronics Repair S
2021-03-15T11:12:12+01:006. June 2020|


Place: East-Lombok, Indonesia  
Age: 51  
Business: Warung  
Loan: 60 €


Amaq Meng lives together with his […]

2021-03-15T10:54:20+01:0030. May 2020|


Indonesia is the country with the highest Muslim population in the world. Many Muslims around the world including Indonesian Muslims fast during the holy month of Ramadan. The most important holiday is “Eid Al-Fitr” […]

2021-03-15T11:12:07+01:0026. May 2020|


Place: East-Lombok, Indonesia  
Age: 37  
Business: Food Stall  
Loan: 56 €


An own small food stall […]

2021-03-15T10:55:56+01:0017. May 2020|


Place: East-Lombok, Indonesia  
Age: 50  
Business: Store
Loan: 56 €


Demah is an Indonesian woman, 50 years old […]

2021-03-15T11:11:58+01:004. May 2020|

Networking Event in Lombok

Through microcredits and training, we at GMI want to help people in Southeast Asia live a better and more self-determined life. With this financial support, our participants are able to become financially independent and […]

2021-03-15T10:53:43+01:004. April 2020|


Place: East-Lombok, Indonesia  
Age: 33  
Business: Poultry Food  
Loan: 130 €


Supriadi and his wife are parents of one son and one daughter. To […]

2021-03-15T10:44:36+01:0026. March 2020|

Women’s Day Celebration

On March 2, 2020, 11 aspiring women and our GMI representatives Anthony, Gilbert and Melinda came together to celebrate the International Women’s Day at the Project Life Subic Center in the Philippines. This year’s […]

2021-03-15T10:55:33+01:0018. March 2020|


Place: Wanasaba, Indonesia  
Age: 45  
Business: Food Peddler  
Loan: 129 €


Sohrini never knows what her day will be like. […]

2021-03-15T10:44:30+01:0015. March 2020|

Journey to Lombok

Our founder Tobias was in Indonesia again. Here he tells you about his impressions:

“Lombok. These six letters do not only belong to one of the top 5 travel destinations in Indonesia, but have also […]

2021-03-15T10:44:24+01:003. March 2020|


Place: Lombok, Indonesia  
Age: 38  
Business: Production and Selling of Snacks  
Loan: 64 €


Two years […]

2021-03-15T10:44:41+01:0027. February 2020|


What is it like living on Lombok as an honorary? What difficulties arise on site? What is it like to interact with the local people both linguistically and culturally? These and more questions were […]

2021-03-15T10:44:53+01:0017. February 2020|


Place: Beririjarak, Indonesia  
Age: 37  
Business: Food production  
Loan: 67 €


Some organisations only lend micro loans to women to support them on their […]

2021-03-15T10:45:09+01:0015. February 2020|

Anthony – Persönlich

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Anthony Agones and his path to our partner organization Project Life Subic. But who exactly is this person?

Anthony is 25 years old and currently lives in […]

2021-03-15T10:44:09+01:0021. January 2020|

Entrepreneur’s Lunch

Recently it was time once again: Our Entrepreneur’s Lunch in the Philippines took place!

In an informal setting, current micro-borrowers and interested parties can exchange ideas, listen to interesting lectures and gain exciting insights into […]

2021-03-15T10:55:42+01:0015. January 2020|

The Importance of Sewing

Sewing – the grand art of repairing old clothes or even creating new ones. Talking about sewing makes me inevitably think of my grandmother. I would think of all the times my grandma patched […]

2021-03-15T10:53:55+01:009. January 2020|
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