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Neujahrsempfang in Hösbach

Special honor for organization: At this year’s New Year’s reception in Hösbach, our founder Tobias Schüßler had the opportunity to present the work of GMI! Tobias especially appreciated the great commitment of our volunteers, […]

2021-02-13T09:51:00+01:0013. February 2021|


It is the year 2563, and happy people in the streets of Thailand actually wanted to celebrate the turn of the year by splashing each other with water. Monks wanted to wash Buddha statues […]

2021-02-13T09:25:39+01:0013. February 2021|

A silver lining

In the Philippines, a total lockdown has stopped all our activities and most participant’s businesses had to close. Not Shiela’s, though. Sheila received a micro loan from […]

2021-02-13T09:19:58+01:0013. February 2021|

New video: Sohrini

Sohrini is a grocer and goes from door to door every day to sell her goods. Together with her husband, who is a bamboo weaver, she works hard to be able to offer her […]

2021-01-19T16:27:02+01:0019. January 2021|

Corona Update

The corona virus also impacts our partner organizations and project participants in South East Asia. In Indonesia, a national emergency has been declared. In the Philippines, President Duterte imposed a curfew on the entire […]

2020-12-23T10:56:58+01:0023. December 2020|

Protective Equipment against Covid

Fear of the coronavirus-induced disease COVID-19 and the protection of the Filipino population has led President Duterte to impose a strict curfew on the country. This also affects the work of our Philippine partner […]

2020-12-23T10:56:31+01:0023. December 2020|

How Microcredit Empowers Women

Microcredit is an important tool for empowering women in developing countries. Therefore it is not surprising that the majority of borrowers are female. Among the poorest borrowers, they constitute 85%. Multiple studies have encouraged […]

2020-12-23T10:55:07+01:0023. December 2020|

Cakes of Jurit Baru

During our stay on the Indonesian island of Lombok, we also visit Raodah in the village of Jurit Baru. The 39-year-old’s home sits on an unpaved road, with the village mosque 50 meters away. […]

2020-12-23T10:46:40+01:0023. December 2020|

Business Management Training

How can people in poorer, remote regions of Indonesia sustainably be empowered to live a financially better life? How can we strengthen the economic condition of an entire village community, do so permanently and […]

2020-12-23T10:46:24+01:0023. December 2020|

Impressions from Indonesia

Tobias Schüßler, our director, travelled to Indonesia for two weeks at the beginning of December to visit partner organisations and project participants, to verify the proper use of the donations and to plan further […]

2020-12-23T10:44:57+01:0023. December 2020|

Reaching Rural Communities

We are expanding the reach of our program! Together with Gema Alam we are going to provide access to microcredit for people in six remote villages on the island Lombok in Indonesia.

Gema Alam is […]

2020-12-23T10:44:41+01:0023. December 2020|

Sharing Experiences

During the past weekend, Director Tobias Schüßler had the chance to share our micro loan experiences with another charitable institution that has just started to use microcredit. On Bali’s neighbour Island Lombok, Gema Alam […]

2020-12-23T10:44:30+01:0023. December 2020|

Tobias Schüßler in the Philippines

In early April, our director Tobias Schüßler visited our partner organization Project Life Subic in the Philippines. Besides checking the accounts of our funds, Schüßler also visited current micro loan recipients and conducted interviews […]

2020-12-23T10:40:07+01:0023. December 2020|

My visit in the Slums

GMI member Andreas Schüßler from Hösbach visited our projects in the Philippines with our director Tobias Schüßler in April. He reports:

“Crushing heat, tired dogs, houses without a floor – and in between: Laughing children […]

2020-12-23T10:39:49+01:0023. December 2020|

Losing your home

We actually wanted to visit Angelo – we drove almost an hour with the Jeepney, the typical public transportation of the Philippines. Angelo has renovated a beauty salon with our microcredit. We have not […]

2020-12-23T10:39:37+01:0023. December 2020|

Piggy Banks

This year’s stay in the Philippines was used by our director Tobias Schüßler to develop a new program with the team of our partner organization Project Life Subic. The aim is to bring the […]

2020-12-23T10:39:19+01:0023. December 2020|

Interview with Leslie

Since 2007, Leslie Nabong has been leading Project Life Subic. While he was in the Philippines, director Tobias Schüßler conducted an interview with her based on questions that donors and members sent him.

So you […]

2020-12-23T10:34:31+01:0023. December 2020|

Visiting a Textile Company

Chairman Tobias Schüßler about his visit in two textile manufacturing plants:

One of my highlights of this years stay on the Philippines were the unannounced inspections of two textile manufacturing plants, which have employed some […]

2020-12-23T10:34:06+01:0023. December 2020|

Audit in the Philippines

Chairman Tobias Schüßler was able to travel to the Philippines on short notice. There, he visited our partner organization project life Subic, our our first partner organization since 2014 to give out micro loans […]

2020-12-23T10:33:05+01:0023. December 2020|
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