Place: Beririjarak, Indonesia  
Age: 37  
Business: Food production  
Loan: 67 €


Some organisations only lend micro loans to women to support them on their way to greater self-determination and independence. A large proportion of our micro-borrowers are also female. But we also help men realize and develop their business ideas. One of these men is called Aawaludin.

Aawaludin comes from a small Indonesian village called Beririjarak. He lives there with his wife and four daughters. The family of six tries to keep themselves afloat from the income of the father, which he gets through occasional jobs as a construction worker. The income is just 65 euros per month. This means that the family has 36 cents per person per day, which is very little even for Indonesian conditions. Moreover, this income is not fixed and varies constantly. In order to ensure a secure income, Aawaludin built up his own food production in May 2019 with just 32 euros.


The family’s income is now based on the production of crackers from manioc and bananas, increasing to up to 96 euros per month. Since its opening, Aawaludin has been working hard to develop and expand his business. Every morning he walks through the streets of the neighboring towns and sells the homemade chips. The hard work pays off: customers from seven different villages buy his goods.

In order to continue to grow and to secure a regular income for the family, Aawaludin now took a GMI micro loan of approximately 67 euros. Among other things, he wants to buy a new oven to produce crackers.


Author: Annika
Translated by Frederic