Update July 2020

We say Thank You! For our partner organization in Thailand, the last months were also very tense. Due to the economic difficulties Pattaya is currently going through, the Tamar Center experienced a strong increase in demand for their services. We are all the more pleased that thanks to your great support, we were already able to provide 15 starter sets this year for women who want to start a new life outside of prostitution. For their sponsors our participants made the thank you card themselves – we are looking forward to mailing them to you a few weeks from now!

April 2020

Living a self-determined life is a big wish for most women in Thailands red light districts. The dream of starting a new and better life is sadly a hard goal to achieve. Pattaya is a small province of only 53.4 km² but famous for its vibrant nightlife and also a well-known hub for sex tourism in Thailand. More than 30.000 prostitutes work here in order to earn money. Many of these women are from the much poorer regions of Northern Thailand. These women are trapped as they have not many options left to earn an income and prostitution is the only way they can earn an income and provide money for their families.

Tamar Center is a non-profit organisation which aims to help women to escape prostitution. These help-seeking women are mostly aged between 18-40. Tamar Center was founded in 1999 and since then it provides free accommodation, psychological aid and also training for participants to learn to make decisions independently and live their life self-determined. Many of these help-seeking women are mentally damaged from their “job” and neither have much experience in working nor working in one workplace for the whole day.

Tamar Center aims to provide the help-seeking woman a job. Many of these jobs are creative and e.g. they create greetings cards. Cutting, glueing and designing greetings cards improves their fragile mental health and is additionally doable work.

And this is how we can help

We provide a starter-set for all new participants. These specially designed starter-sets have all the materials the participants need to create greetings cards and besides that it aids them during their job training and provides them with reliable companionship during the work. Besides their income from working at Tamar Center, the participants also earn a fair share of the sold greeting cards from Tamar Centers online shop.

Our donors successfully helped 27 women to make their first steps out of prostitution and start a better and self-determined life. You want to provide aid to the help-seeking women as well? With only € 60 you can provide a starter-set to these women and help them to fulfill their dream of living a better and self-determined life.

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Translated by Mustafa