Update: Nong

In 2018 we financed a training course for Nong, who is from a small village in the north of Thailand. Now, 2 years later and shortly […]

2021-03-15T11:12:24+01:004. August 2020|

Beginning of a new Life

Update July 2020

We say Thank You! For our partner organization in Thailand, the last months were also very tense. Due to the economic difficulties Pattaya is […]

2021-03-15T11:12:22+01:008. July 2020|


It is the year 2563, and happy people in the streets of Thailand actually wanted to celebrate the turn of the year by splashing each other with water. Monks wanted to wash Buddha statues […]

2021-03-15T10:45:17+01:002. May 2020|

Corona Update

The corona virus also impacts our partner organizations and project participants in South East Asia. In Indonesia, a national emergency has been declared. In the Philippines, President Duterte imposed a curfew on the entire […]

2021-03-15T10:53:38+01:0029. March 2020|
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