More Than Credit – how we Empower People Through Consulting

Schulung Buchhaltung

Before being able to receive a micro credit from us, the potential entrepreneurs receive comprehensive training to ensure the success of their future business. We give the majority of micro credits, however, to already existing micro enterprises rather than start-ups.

Micro loans allow our participants with pre-existing businesses to grow their business with more capital and increase their income. A crucial part of our operations is the consultation with female entrepreneurs – often it’s only small changes that increase their business-profits in the long-term. 

Sanna, project manager at WKP Foundation, explains: “Dewi, for example, wanted her Warung to attract more customers. We explained to her that it would be beneficial to have set opening hours so that customers know when they can eat at Dewi’s. This would also make them more likely to return. She followed our advice and after a couple of weeks she had her first regular customers.” 


Another example is Sutarmi, who runs a small street stall. Sanna tells us:

“Sutarmi wasn’t able to sell some of her products, although she knew from other stalls that people liked her products. But what was the issue then? Our advice was to use nice packaging for the products and to place them on a nice table. This made a visible difference – since then the products sold a lot better.“ 


Since our start in 2014, we have given our more than 100 micro loans – of which every single one has been paid back to us. The success of our approach speaks for itself: On average, the people we support increase their per-capita income from 1.78€ to 2.48€ per day, an increase of 39 percentage points! 

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