Place: Olongapo City, Philippines  
Age: 28  
Business: Sari-Sari Store  
Loan: 90 €


A Sari-Sari store is not a unique store with an alienated name. It is the common shop at the corner in the Philippines. Sari-Sari stores are an important organ in local communities throughout the Philippines. Various crisp packages, several other snacks and a variety of drinks are for sale on the shelfs. The mixture of all Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brightens the small Sari-Sari shops like a kaleidoscope of vivid colours. D´arr G. Ramos is 28 and runs his own Sari-Sari shop in Olongapo City (Philippines).

A year ago, D´arr G. Ramos together with his wife Cassandra and their three children moved to their current place of residence. They rent a flat with a Sari-Sari store. Thankfully the business is running smooth but the couple struggles to offer a huge variety for the needs of their customers. D´arr G. Ramos struggles financially but he is diligent as he participated in the apprenticeship programme of GMI for sewing and currently studies in his 4th year in university for becoming a Nurse.

It is hard to meet the needs of himself and his family with an income of only about 160 Euro. He needs to feed his family but also pays for his studies and stacking up the shelves of his Sari-Sari shop. With a microloan of 90 Euro from GMI, D´arr G. Ramos wants to improve his Sari-Sari shop by offering more goods to his customers. The couple is confident that they will improve their business with the microloan and their efforts. We at GMI are happy to support D´arr G. Ramos and his family and wish him great success in finishing his nursing studies.


Translation M. Pamuk[:]