Debaya 4
Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 23  
Business: Warung  
Loan: 35€


As a small island in the midst of the Indian Ocean with breath-taking beaches, friendly inhabitants and a unique culture, Bali attracts many tourists as well as inhabitants of the neighbouring island Java as does the 23-year-old Debaya, who moved to Bali together with her husband from Banyuwanig, a town located in the East of Java and approximately 145km away. In 2012, Debaya moved to Bali with her parents after finishing high school  to find a job. The same year, she married her now husband Jalililk and got pregnant with her daughter. When Debaya came to Bali, she opened a small stall in front of her parent’s kiosk.

Last year, the young couple decided to rent a shop in the Western part of Denpasar. The small family does not only live in the shop but also runs a so-called ‘Warung’ there, a small take-away for food to-go, which is equipped with a small kitchenette and counter. Every day, the couple opens the Warung from 11am to 10pm. They sell delicious Indonesian chicken with rice, prawn paste and chilli. Each day, they earn 10 euros, money with which rent has to be paid. While the ‘Warung’ is closed, Jalilik works additionally as a ‘gojek’ – an online motorcycle courier which earns them an extra 3 euros a day.

From May 27 to June 25, Muslim communities in Indonesia celebrate Ramadan, a 30-day fasting period. During this time, people are only allowed to eat and drink after sunset and before sunrise. During this time, Debaya and Jalilik need an additional 35 euros to increase their shop’s capacity. Thanks to our microcredit, the couple is able to offer an increased supply of food during this time and can thus earn more for their family.

Gallery Debaya

Gallery Debaya
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Debaya and her daughter