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Through training, we create new perspectives – that’s our shared goal together with our Philippine partner organization Project Life Subic and the crowdfunding campaign “Many Achieve More“.

Project Life Subic’s training program includes not only basics in sewing techniques and industrial textile processing. The trainees also learn how to successfully apply to local companies, convince in an interview and afterwards in the job. We also offer counselling for anyone who wants to open their own small business after graduation. The result: 75% of graduates had a job within 3 months or started their own small business.
With our crowdfunding campaign, we want to finance 60 such trainings and thus enable 60 families to live a better and more self-determined life. For this we need 6,000€.

Best of all, if we raise 3,000€ in donations through “Many Achieve More”, Raiffeisenbank will double the amount.
Become part of our heart project. Help us with a donation and let the Raiffeisen-Volksbank Aschaffenburg eG double your donation.

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