Dewi 2
Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 49  
Business: Straßenstand  
Loan: 71 €


Dewi and her husband both work very hard to take care of their three children. Toni sells sunglasses whereas Dewi operates a Warung, a typical Indonesian kiosk. Together, they earn a daily per capita income of 1,70€. Since the living costs in Denpasar have drastically risen, they have to increase their income or two of their children may not be able to finish school.

To achieve this goal, Dewi has recently worked out a contract with a local travel agency: She cooks and delivers their lunch on a daily basis and gets paid monthly. Since she did not have the necessary capital to deliver the first month, she received a donation-funded micro loan. Through this, she can earn more money on a long-term basis and most importantly, has a steady income with which she can plan better.

Dewi 2

Dewi 2
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