In November 2019, we first reported on Lorena and her small pig farm. At that time, she received a microloan from GMI, which she used to purchase her first animal to start her own pig farm. She now owns several healthy animals and recently successfully repaid her second microloan. Her dedication has enabled her to grow her business despite the current precarious situation.

However, due to the covid pandemic Lorena has to face other problems: The Philippines are known for their high crime rate. According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, it increased significantly due to the pandemic, which is why cash transactions are discouraged*. Until now, Lorena had always received the money from her customers in cash. Good money is paid for a fully grown and healthy animal, so in the past Lorena was often afraid of being robbed when exchanging goods.

Through our initiative to introduce digital payment options like GCash to small business owners, Lorena can now sell her animals in a cashless way without any worries. The small business owner is very happy about this opportunity and now only completes her transactions digitally.

In addition to Lorena, eleven other small business owners in the Philippines are now using GCash. Training and ongoing support from our partner organization Project Life Subic ensures that small business owners are educated about the dangers of online banking. We are delighted to accompany people like Lorena on their journey out of poverty to a self-determined and better life. Success stories like this encourage us in our work.

(Source:, as of 03/28/2021)

Translator: Ronja