If you´re from Germany and answer this question with “yes “, then you belong to the 82.3 million population for whom it´s natural to have an own bank account. Having a bank account is an exception in the poorer rural areas of Indonesia’s island Lombok. We would like to change this! Owning a bank account in this region would reduce the impact on businesses due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its measures against the spread by the government. We need your help with this.

Not owning a bank account possesses a major risk for smaller businesses development

Nely Sopiana, Sri Hartini und Siti Hidayati are from a small remote village named Pringgasela which is in east Lombok. All of them make a living by handcrafted cloths, dresses, bags and more goods. Most of their customers are tourists. Tourists who discover a natural reserve area by seeking to adventure and leisure around the volcano Rinjani. Tourism is gone with the Covid-19 pandemic prevention measures by the government. Tobias, Founder of GMI, was aware of this quite early and realized that these people can´t generate an income if they don´t sell their goods online.

Our solution

According to GMI´s Founder Tobias, the participants of our micro-loan programme have to learn what a bank account is, how to use it and how to make payments online. Our incentive is to help to open a bank account for our micro-loan programme participants and use methods of online payment. There´s no physical contact with customers during the Covid-19 pandemic but with online-banking, our participants can distribute their goods via social-media accounts and process payments online. It´s important to sensitize them about frauds and how to preserve personal data online.

We need your help

We started a crowdfunding platform with a regional bank (Raiffeisen-Volksbank Aschaffenburg eG) to finance the digitalization of small businesses from our participants. Every donation will be boosted by half the amount from this bank. Please help the people in South East Asia to transform their business by using online means of payment and improving their ability to get out of poverty with the income they can make. Donate here by using the link: https://aschaffenburg.viele-schaffen-mehr.de/digital-gegen-armut.

We appreciate your help!

Translation: Mustafa