Online shopping and online banking with a smartphone are routine for most people in Germany these days. However, the situation is completely different for small businesses in the poor regions of Southeast Asia. Dealing with the Internet and online banking is new territory for most of them. With our digital initiative we want to change this. To succeed, we need your help.

Ignorance leads to great harm

Lisa Mary (name changed) is a dedicated businesswoman from Baretto, Olongapo (Philippines) who started a small business selling rice. After several microcredits she opened a sari sari store and a delivery service for packed lunches. To keep her savings safe from thieves, she deposited them into her bank account. “Unfortunately, she didn’t know the risks”, says Tobias, founder of GMI. “A simple click on an email attachment resulted in her credentials being stolen and €875 disappearing from her account, her savings of many years were gone.”

We must act

To protect small businesses like Lisa Mary from such dangers, we have developed a digital initiative. “Together with our local partners, we conduct training courses that are specially tailored to the needs of our microloan recipients”, Tobias continues. At the courses they learn not only how to navigate on the Internet safely, but also how to recognize dangers such as fraudulent e-mails and how to act correctly.

We can’t do this without you

In order to finance this digital initiative, need your support!

Help us to protect people in Southeast Asia from the dangers of the Internet and to open up new ways out of poverty.

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