Three Ladies – one Goal

They all want to learn to sew through our training program or to develop their skills in order to have better prospects for the future and to be able to care for their families.

One of the participants is the 27-year-old Analyn from Barretto. Together with her family she lives in a humble apartment. After the break-up from her partner, the young woman decided to improve her sewing skills by participating in our training program. After graduation, Analyn would like to work in the SBMA – the large free trade area at the port.


Helen is 30 years old and also comes from Barretto. There, she lives together with her husband and her two children. Her husband is currently working in a small retail store where he earns €35 per month. In order to support him and contribute to family welfare, Helen opted for our training as an industrial seamstress. In our program she wants to learn especially the sewing of sewing patterns for the production of clothes. After the training she would like to find a job in this area.


The last of the three women is Angelita. The 22-year-old lives together with a friend in a small apartment in Subic. Her aim is to improve and expand her sewing skills in the production of dresses through training. This way, she wants to find a job first and then open her own business in the future.


Our participants are not only talented but also very motivated. We wish you much success in your training and for your future!