Volunteer on Site


If volunteering with a non-profit organization raises the desire to get to know project participants on site, then there is only one way: Packing a suitcase and getting on the plane! That’s exactly what Rebecca Ghawi did. Together with our CEO Tobias Schüßler, she travelled to Indonesia and accompanied him on his visits at partner organizations and project participants.

“The first week we visited people in the slums of Bali and it showed me a level of poverty I’ve never experienced before,” Ghawi reports upon her return. “People living in a confined space, some right next to nasty-smelling sewage, living in tiny one-bedroom huts, moved me deeply. But even more touched me the hospitality with which people received us. The project participants were so proud of what they achieved.

There is, for example, Sutarmi, who started with a small sales table on the main street and now, after several micro-credits, owns her own snack stand in a food court, and even cooks food for a delivery service. She welcomed us with an incredible kindness that touched me a lot.


I also had many touching experiences in the Lombok earthquake area. Despite the huge damage left by last summer’s series of earthquakes, people were full of ideas about how they wanted to shape their lives. And they were proud to be able to work with GMI.

My journey has convinced me even more that GMI’s help really reaches people and gives them the chance to work out a way out of poverty for themselves.”