Our founder Tobias was in Indonesia again. Here he tells you about his impressions:

“Lombok. These six letters do not only belong to one of the top 5 travel destinations in Indonesia, but have also been an important part of our work for years. I visit our partner organisations and microcredit borrowers on site over and over again and every time I am fascinated and touched by the people anew. Just recently, I was back on Indonesia’s island of Lombok with GMI employees. During my trip, we did not only visit our project participants and partners, but also set strategies for the New Year.

During my stay, I visited Farmi, who opened her own shop selling Indonesian crackers 2 years ago. Through two of our seminars she learned to log her income and expenses in order to calculate her profit and to calculate the expenses for new material. When I asked her how she was doing, she proudly showed me a booklet in which she had neatly and clearly entered her income and expenses. Farmi now earns almost as much as her husband. I also visited Sopian. He opened a coffee-roasting business 2 years ago, where he now sells 4 different kinds of coffee in his village and also via the internet throughout Indonesia. He supports local coffee farmers and also helps other small entrepreneurs to sell their products. Sopian is physically handicapped and has a hard time in Indonesian society. I was all the more pleased to learn from him that he will soon be getting married. To be able to take care of his wife and a family was unimaginable for him until 2 years ago.

What exactly is it that touches me now? After all, bookkeeping and weddings are nothing unusual. Well, it is particularly all the joy and pride with which the project participants show me their small business, the dreams they have and the energy with which they want to make these dreams come true. Such encounters touch me very much and are an incentive for me to continue to work intensively for a better future for the people in Southeast Asia.”


Author: Anja
Translator: Ronja Dzikus