Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 37  
Business: Laundry  
Loan: 71 €; 71 €; 71 €


Update March 2018

After fully repaying a second loan, Eka asked for and received a third as the number of clients increased a lot.

Update January 2018

Thanks to larger bulk packs, Eka was able to reduce costs by 10%. Even though she had to repay the loan, her profits rose by 5%. In order to win more customers and advertise, she receives a second micro loan.

About Eka

After Augus has worked as a construction worker for five years he returned from Bali to his home Jember (East-Java). He then married his wife Eka, with whom he wanted to make a new home on Bali, an island located 1200km away from origin. Augus started working as a construction worker again and Eka stayed at home with their two children. After ten years of working constructions, he began working as an independent well driller. To support her husband financially, Eka opened a laundry service at home. Despite of two incomes, the family has to survive with 1,78€ per person daily. So far, Eka buys the detergent, softener and other utensils for her laundry service in the typical indonesian portion-sized packages. As she now has her regular customers, she would like to purchase these things in the much less expensive bulk packs. Your donation enabled Eka’s micro loan. She can now take care of her husband and her familiy better. Thank you very much for your support!