Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 42  
Business: Streetfood  
Loan: 2 x 35 €


Update January 2019

After Ekta repaid her first microcredit, she received a second one.

About Ekta

Denpasar is not only the capital of the island of Bali, it is also the economic and social center. Almost 500,000 people live there, a large number of people by Balinese standards. Still, the city is far from as chaotic as you might expect; Traffic is dominated mainly by motorcycles of all kinds and sometimes quite narrow streets. But that is exactly what gives the city its special charm, in which our micro-borrowers Ekta and Iwan fell in love with each other and into the city 13 years ago.

The married couple inhabits a one-bedroom apartment in Denpasar with their two sons and daughter. Ekta prepares every day Cilok – an Indonesian snack made from meatballs –at her home fresh and loving. Iwan eventually sells this with his bike kiosk on the street to passers-by, tourists and neighbors. The store yields an income of about €10 a day for the family. Since that’s very little even for the two’s simple lifestyles, Ekta and Iwan plan to increase their production capacity.

With a micro-loan of around €30, the couple want to increase their ingredient stock and prepare and sell more of these snacks. The microcredit is the first step for the two of them to independently improve their business and to be able to take better care of their family.