Place: Olangapo, Philippines  
Age: 55  
Business: Tailor Shop  
Loan: 192€; 96€


Update October 2017

In the strictly catholic Philippines, Christmas season traditionally starts in September. This is the best time to sell, so Emencita wants to increase her production to benefit from the situation. In order to buy in bulk in Manila, she receives another micro loan.


Update August 2017

As her business was doing extraordinary well, Emencita repaid her loan two months earlier than planned. 

About Emencita (2016)

Emencita and her family of six live in a tiny and windowless house on 12th street, Olongapo, an area known for its high crime rate. Her husband has no permanent job, so it is mainly up to Emencita to take care of the family’s financial needs. Two years ago she started selling children’s clothes in one of Olongapo’s markets.
As a part time sewing trainer at Project Life, she recently had the idea to design and make her own clothes and sell them as well.

Bags, pyjamas and children’s clothing are products of which she is convinced that they will sell well.

Gallery Emencita

Gallery Emencita
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Emencita bought an industrial sewing machine

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