“Women don’t have the same opportunities on Lombok as men,” Haiziah Gazali Zicko tells us. “They don’t have the same educational opportunities, so they don’t have the same chances of finding a good job. The needs of women in the economic and social fabric of our society are being neglected.” Together with Zicko, we are therefore working to strengthen women’s rights on the Indonesian island of Lombok.

“GMI’s microcredit program helps us in particular to strengthen the economic situation of women,” Zicko added. “Thanks to GMI’s help, women have access to capital to start a small business, and their right to education and self-realization is strengthened.”

Gema Alam’s chairman cites as examples the kiosk owner Muliana from the village of Mekarsari, Wardah from the village of Tanak Maiq, who sells crackers very successfully, and Sri Hartini from Pringgasela, a successful weaver. “Through GMI’s microcredits and the accompanying seminars, they became so successful that their influence within the family and even in the village community has grown enormously.”

We thank our supporters who, with their donations, enable us to advance the economic development of women on Lombok.