Earthquake in Lombok

A 6.4 earthquake shook the island of Lombok on Sunday morning just before 07:00 am local time. Even in the 1 to 2 hours drive from the epicenter the villages of Pringgasela and Suela, in which we support village communities with microcredits, the heavy tremors were felt.

“People panicked and ran away from buildings,” says Juaini, program coordinator of our partner organisation Gema Alam in Lombok, whom we were able to reach a few hours after the earthquake. “We and our families are okay. None of our employees was injured. No major damage has been done to the villages we serve. But many of us have friends who live in a village near Mount Rinjani. There was a huge landslide. ”

In addition, our CEO Tobias Schüßler: “We were particularly affected when we reached Haiziah, the head of Gema Alam and she reported that one of her friends is among the victims. In the course of the day there were still several, sometimes strong aftershocks. People died, others were hurt by rubble, many apartments were destroyed. We have a lively contact with our local partners. “