Your donation will be forwarded to our local partners. There, it will be given out as a micro loan or used to finance a job training. When a loan is repaid, the amount will be reused for another project. Afterwards, your donation supports the other programs of our partner organizations.
One donation therefore helps multiple times!

Yes, we inform every donor about whom he helped, provided we have your permission to contact you. Furthermore, we are regularly posting reports about current projects which state how much has been achieved with what amount of money.

Global Micro Initiative and its partners are charitable organizations that don’t pursue profits. Therefore we and our partners do not earn anything by offering micro loans.

Micro loans are no magic cure for poverty and don’t make millionaires, but they do help people with business sense to build up a better life for themselves.
The profits from businesses that have been started with the help of Global Micro Initiative were enough to provide food for the families or even to send children to school. In the long run, this will hopefully make people independent from foreign aid. 
To read about our impact study, click here.

At the moment we are working with partners in the Philippines and in Indonesia. Additionally, we are always open for new partnerships with small organizations in other developing countries.

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