Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 53  
Business: Minimart  
Loan: 35 €


Many Indonesians have less than two euros to live each day. With the money, they often barely manage to pay for their accommodation and meals. To help these people live better and independent lives, we launched a new program in April 2017 with the WKP Foundation in Denpasar, the largest city on the Indnonesian island of Bali. The microcredit programme is aimed primarily at people who have little access to traditional financial services. In doing so, we support the borrowers with consultations throughout the repayment period. Meanwhile, 17 people took part in the programme.

Farida, 53, is one of them. She has been caring for her two children on her own since the death of her husband Yahya. Yahya died in a motorcycle accident four years ago. Together, they had built a corrugated iron house in Denpasar six years ago where Farida has opened a small shop. There, she sells goods of everyday life. Because the store occupies most of the area, Faridah and her two children sleep in the back room, which has no window.

With the €35 microcredit, she was able to expand her product selection to attract more customers. As a result, she now earns up to €5 a day. “You can see, there is still room on the shelves,” the small entrepreneur says happily. “If I earn more, I can also buy more goods. Then this quickly becomes a mini-supermarket. “