Place: Lombok, Indonesia  
Age: 38  
Business: Production and Selling of Snacks  
Loan: 64 €


Two years ago, Farmi started her own kerupuk business. Kerupuk are deep fried crackers which are made from starch and other ingredients. By starting her own small business, Farmi intended to support her husband who was the only breadwinner of the family. As an electrician with his own small repair shop, he earns about 129 Euro per month to provide for his wife and two daughters.

Some time ago, GMI granted a loan to Farmi to help her realize the idea of producing and selling kerupuk. Since then, she has been working very hard to constantly improve the recipe and the packaging design of her snacks to create more sales. Through the support of GMI, Farmi was able to participate in two seminars which helped her learn how to note her sale numbers down and keep record of her expenses. This way, she can tell how much she earns and knows how to manage her money in order to buy new materials and ingredients for her business.

With the help of the GMI micro credit and the acquired knowledge, she earns almost as much money as her husband and nearly doubled the income of the family which had a huge positive impact on their living conditions. By now, Farmi can proudly say that she has already paid off her first GMI loan and is now granted a second loan to help expand her small business to nearby villages.



Author: Annika