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Since November 2014 we have given out 37 micro loans and sponsored 17 job trainings. Director Tobias Schüßler is currently in Indonesia. There, he just launched a new program together with WKP in order to give micro loans to even poorer people. For the target group, it is completely impossible to access fair credit from local banks or moneylenders. If needed, they also receive consulting. During repayment, our partners look after the participants in order to ensure that a micro loan does not turn into a debt trap. 

Board member Marion Schwierz explains: “100% of your donations are forwarded to our projects. This is only possible because of the annual membership contributions of our members. Also, all our staff work in a voluntary capacity. More members mean that we can expand our activities in South East Asia. If we had more members, we could reach up to 25 families with our new program this year.” 

Why support us as member?

“The more members we have, the more opportunities we can utilise to visit partner organizations and expand cooperations” explains Schwierz. “Members also have the chance to actively engage in the decision making process during our annual member assemblies. Also, we inform about recent developments in regular newsletters. Therefore, every member gets the feeling that their contribution of only 20€ per year already helps to give people in South East Asia a better and more independent future.”

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