Ni Wayan
Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 47  
Business: Small Restaurant  
Loan: 137€; 135€; 135€


Update Juni 2017

To further improve her business, Gendriani received a third micro loan of 135€.

Update Mai 2017

Gendriani repaid her second micro loan on time.

Update April 2017

To take part in a Hindu ceremony in her home town, Gendriani had to close her restaurant for a month. Her granddaughter turned three months old, which is a day of celebration for Hindus as it’s the day when a child first touches the earth. Before this, it is highly important that the baby does not get in contact with the floor under any circumstances.

Religion and family are the most important aspects in the daily life of Balinese. Gendriani’s relatives live in a rural region in the North of Bali, which is very difficult to reach and therefore economically not as developed as the urban regions in the South of Bali. Thus, it’s natural for Gendriani to pay for her travels herself, even if this means using up all her savings.

‘The people we’re helping don’t know any separation between private and business income’, explains Sanna from WKP. ‘When money is needed for religious or family duties, it doesn’t matter where the money comes from.’
To reopen her restaurant, Gendriani received her second micro credit at the beginning of April. She used to credit to buy wholesale and she is not able to provide for herself again.

Gendriani Besuch 2
She bought this Wok with the first micro loan
Gendriani Besuch1
Visiting Gendriani

Update January 2017

Gendriani was able to fully repay her micro loan in time. She could increase her income by 20%!


About Gendriani

It is hot in Gendriani’s home. That is not only because it is generally hot in Bali, but also because the container-like building has only one tiny window. Secondly, it is always hot because, when she is not sleeping, she is cooking in the kitchen corner – Gendriani’s home is actually a small “restaurant”.

While her husband Wiranta, a bus driver, is often gone for days, she gets up at 3am every day to prepare the breakfast menu. From 6am till 9am she then sells yellow rice – a typical Balinese breakfast. After that she takes some rest, goes to the market and prepares dinner, which is from 6-10pm. Her 12 hour workday earns her about 14 euros per day. That is enough to restock, but not to afford rent for a room outside the restaurant.

“We used to live closer to the city center. There it was busy and we had more customers. However, the rent became too expensive so we had to move out to this place. It is cheaper, but not many people live here.” Now Gendriani lives far away from the tourist areas, in the northern outskirts of Denpasar, Bali’s capital city.

Our micro loan has enabled Gendriani to buy an additional stove, a new wok, and some kitchen equipment. Now she can cook more food in less time – and therefore spend more time selling food and having her “restaurant” open to customers.

Gallery Gendriani

Gallery Gendriani
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Gendriani behind her buffet counter.