After the earthquake: Hariyanto and Haeniah



Just one month after reopening Haeniah had to appoint employees, because her shop was crowded by people and she was unable to run it alone. Now, after she paid off her first credit, she applied for another one in the amount of 320€ to buy new equipment, a shelf as well as a refrigerator to make ice.


A few months ago, several strong earthquakes shook the Indonesian island of Lombok. First aid reached the victims quickly and the locals could soon begin to rebuild their homes. The economic life in the small villages, however, came to a complete fall for a few weeks. Together with our partner organisation Gema Alam, we gave village communities the opportunity to rebuild their businesses without having to rely on alms or to pay exorbitant interest to commercial money lenders.

One of the participating small business owners is Hariyanto. He runs a small shop where he offers daily necessities as well as snacks and drinks. Due to the earthquake, his home was damaged, and he had to take care of repairs in the following weeks so that his wife Eka and their daughter could return from the emergency shelter. With a micro-credit of €200, he can now re-equip his shop with products. Hariyanto is pleased: “Now life in the village can finally go on.”

In addition, Haeniah from the neighbouring village of Beririjarak received a micro-credit equivalent to €133. The small business owner also runs a village shop, which she wants to re-open with the micro-credit. Since the home of the mother of two was also damaged in the quake, the economic life for Haeniah stood still for a few weeks.

“I am very pleased that four years after our founding, our organization has grown to such an extent that we are now able to support entire village communities in their rebuilding efforts after natural disasters,” says CEO Tobias Schüßler. “People like Hariyanto and Haeniah were able to re-open their businesses thanks to the generosity of our donors and the dedication of our volunteer staff. Stories like these motivate us incredibly and I thank everyone who has made this possible. “