The work of Global Micro Initiative e.V. is only possible thanks to the extraordinary assistance of our volunteers. As charitable organization all our projects are funded by donations. Starting from 35€ you can empower the people in South East Asia to live a better and more independent life. On this page you learn how you can become a part of our work.

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100% of your donations are forwarded to our projects. This is only possible because of the annual membership contributions of our members. Also, all our staff work in a voluntary capacity. More members mean that we can expand our activities in South East Asia. 

Why support us as member?

The more members we have, the more opportunities we can utilise to visit partner organizations and expand cooperations. Members also have the chance to actively engage in the decision making process during our annual member assemblies. Also, we inform about recent developments in regular newsletters. Therefore, every member gets the feeling that their contribution of only 30€ per year already helps to give people in South East Asia a better and more independent future.

Support Our Work by Making A Donation

Would you like to support our ministry financially and give new opportunities to individuals and families in the Philippines and in Indonesia?

Donate now! Our promise: we will tell you exactly, whom you've helped!

If you do not have a SEPA bank account, the easiest way to support us is via Paypal:

Three euros

How can 3€ per month help? 

There are already a few supporters for our 3€ Initiative. The sum of all donations helps us to help a few additional people every year. The more people participate, the more projects everyone has contributed to.

Our Promise:
We follow the path of each donation. Therefore, at the end of the Year you will know exactly whom you've helped!

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You can join easily here or by placing a standing order on Paypal with the reference "3 Euro Program" followed by your email address (we only require it in order to let you know which projects you supported by the end of the year):

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Account Information:
Global Micro Initiative e.V., Hösbach
Raiffeisenbank Aschaffenburg
IBAN: DE38 7956 2514 0000 4739 01

Click here to learn more about how we conduct our projects.

Click here to read the stories of the people we've helped.

Contact Us:
If you have any questions, please contact us here.

Help Filipinos in Finding Ways out of Poverty

More about the program:
The industrial sewing training program is specifically designed for poor, unskilled people. Many of the participants haven’t even completed high school and live on less than 2€ per day. Thus, some cannot even afford a meal at lunch. Project Life Subic conducts 6 courses per year, each hosting around 10 participants.The training program teaches basic sewing, advanced sewing and industrial sewing skills. The students are in class for 6 weeks. Subsequently, they have the opportunity to practice for two more weeks. Whatever they produce during that time, they can keep and either use for themselves or sell it.
Additional to the practical training, soft skills are improved as well: participants learn how to apply/interview for a job at local companies and learn about the importance of punctuality, reliability etc.. Training sessions for starting their own business are available, too.After Graduation, they have the opportunity to take the National Vocational Training Certification exam (TESDA). This official and widely recognised certificate opens doors to local and international companies.
To read about the people we sponsored so far, click here.

Our goal is to enable people to live a more independent life. Therefore, participants are free to decide what path to take after graduating. Naturally, it is our wish that they put the skills they acquire to use either by applying for a job or by starting their own business. We are more than happy to offer advice along the way.

So far, 75% of the graduates found a job or started their own business within three months after completing the course!

Sponsor a student
The training for one person costs about 90€. This includes all course material, administration, certification and trainers. We forward 100% of all donations collected here directly to the project! Our goal is to finance at least two additional participants for each batch.

Contribute to funding the training for an additional person!
Of course, we will let you know who was able to participate because of your contribution.

Be our project partner and sponsor your own participant: donate 100€ and you fund the apprenticeship for one person, paving the way out of poverty for an entire family!

This means you will receive a personal thank you note and a photo from the student (for this, please provide your postal address and e-mail address)

For their generous support we would like to thank:
Beister Software GmbH Goldbach, Stiftung CAMPANULA Laufach, Kolpingladen Hösbach e.V., Sparkasse Aschaffenburg-Alzenau, Hermann Arnold GmbH Hösbach, Raiffeisenbank Aschaffenburg, Zonta Club Alzenau, Jutta und Christoph Andrian-Werburg, Daniel B., Dr. Georg Strack and Andrea de la Haye, Christiaan Nijsink, Dr. Ulrich and Silke Kaps, Dieter Joa, Brigitte and Georg Grebner, Manfred Schüßler, Sabine Daniels, Maria Schwierz, Carmen Englert, Michael Jost.

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