herman 2
Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 41  
Business: Lieferant  
Loan: 71 €


Like so many others, Herman and his wife Fitriana left their home in an economically disadvantaged region of Java and moved to Bali. However, they had to leave their older children at Herman’s mother’s house, so they could continue their education. Living costs were lower as in Bali, too.

Upon their arrival in Denpasar, Herman started to bottle drinking water and deliver it to clients. As the tap water in Denpasar is not for consumption, most Balinese buy their water supply in large 5 – 20 litre canisters. The small family home serves not only as a filling station and deposit for empty canisters, the married couple also uses it as a kiosk. It is run by Fitriana, while her husband delivers canisters.

Since the family needs to live off 1,20€ per person per day at the moment, Herman wants to get more water canisters. At the moment, he only has 20 canisters. Buying new ones will be 2,85€ each. With the micro credit, the family will be able to buy additional canisters and increase their product range for the kiosk.

Bildergalerie Herman

Bildergalerie Herman
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Mit unserem Mikrokredit konnte Herman seine Wasser Lieferungen ausweiten